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PNS Daily News - October 23, 2020 

President Trump and Joe Biden square off in their final debate; warnings that "dark days" of the pandemic are yet to come; and food assistance now available for some wildfire victims.

2020Talks - October 23, 2020 

The second and last presidential debate was much more controlled than the first; President Trump keeping to his main themes, calmly rebutted by Biden.

Archive: June 10, 2009

Whitesburg, Ky. – Friday will be a big day in the history of television. June 12 is the official day for the switch from analog to digital television (DTV) broadcasting. It means Kentuckians who rely on free, over-the-air TV on older-model sets need to have a digital converter box hooked up, o ...Read More

Detroit, Mich. - Caring aunts, uncles and grandparents will soon find it easier to become foster parents in Michigan. State officials are now giving caseworkers and judges options other than requiring that children be removed from their relatives' homes if those relatives opted not to become "licens ...Read More

Albany, NY - A bill prohibiting harassment and intimidation in schools which was thought to have a good chance of passing after seven previous failed attempts is again "in jeopardy" - as one advocate put it - in the aftermath of the upheaval in the Senate Monday. Lee Cutler, whose union, New York St ...Read More

Albuquerque, N.M. - A handful of New Mexico teens will spend the summer at a new job - that could last a lifetime. Albuquerque's Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) is one of six groups nationwide taking part in a program that prepares local youth to take leadership reins in their communities. Luci ...Read More

Des Moines, Iowa – As a result of the recession, many Iowans are finding themselves jobless who haven't had to search for work in years - and they're finding the modern job-hunt is almost as stressful as losing a job in the first place. The Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) has launch ...Read More

Seattle, Wash. - A leading historian of the nation's wilderness movement has released a new photo tribute that highlights the beauty of America's wilderness and explains why it's important to preserve these lands. South Dakota is featured in the book Our Wilderness: America's Common Ground. Author ...Read More

Mt. Tenabo, Nev. – Tribal drums will be heard outside the federal courthouse in San Francisco today, in a case that pits the federal government's ability to assign mining rights against Native Americans' rights to protect their places of worship means. At issue in South Fork Band Council vs. ...Read More

Boise, Idaho – Eventually, it will happen; trust your child to take the lead; and never punish if there's a mistake. That's the expert advice in a nutshell for June, "Potty Training Awareness Month," from parent educator and daycare provider Shelli Hansen with the Idaho Children's Trust Fund. ...Read More

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