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PNS Daily Newscast - September 29, 2020 

Trump tax revelations point to disparity in nation's tax system; Pelosi and Mnuchin make last-ditch effort at pandemic relief.

2020Talks - September 29, 2020 

Today's the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio. And a British news show reports a Trump campaign effort to suppress the Black vote in 2016.

Archive: June 26, 2009

Albuquerque - It's often said that change starts on a local, community level, and that's being pointed out by community organizers from New Mexico as they travel to Las Vegas, Nev. this weekend. They plan to share the stories of locals who have successfully made the jump to elected office. Among t ...Read More

St. Louis, MO - The Purple Bus Lady rolls into Missouri this weekend to inspire Americans to speak up about solutions for national health care reform. Kathie McClure is traveling across America in the purple bus to draw attention to the frustrations she and others have felt with the current health c ...Read More

Denver - It's PrideFest weekend in Colorado, and on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, organizers say there are also plenty of reasons for the GLBT community in Colorado to celebrate. Heather Draper, with the GLBT Community Center of Colorado, says those reasons include legislative gains ...Read More

Safford, AZ – Yesterday's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that the 2003 strip search of a 13-year old eastern Arizona girl was unconstitutional could help provide schools with valuable guidance, according to some involved in the case. Savana Redding was searched after a classmate told school ...Read More

Boise, ID – Cook up a batch of s’mores, tell campfire stories and sleep under the stars. Saturday is the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Great American Backyard Campout – and Idahoans are being encouraged to get out the sleeping bags and tents for a night outdoors. Dav ...Read More

Juneau, AK – This week, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to allow mining waste to be dumped into a lake in Alaska. Conservation groups call it a major setback. They had argued that the federal definition of "fill material" should not include solid forms of pollution, and now, they’re worri ...Read More

Iowa City, IA – With Congress ready to vote on legislation capping greenhouse gas emissions, some Iowa groups warn that critics of the American Clean Energy and Security Act are distorting information on how the measure will impact Iowa consumers. Teresa Galluzzo, research associate with the ...Read More

Tomorrow is National HIV Testing Day and Californians are being encouraged to take advantage of free testing available throughout the state. To help get a better picture of the prevalence of the disease, a new Internet data map, called the HIV/AIDS Atlas, now gives a first-of-its-kind look at HIV ca ...Read More

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