PNS Daily Newscast - July 14, 2020 

The Trump administration issues talking points challenging health expert Fauci; Latinos challenge voting system in Washington State.

2020Talks - July 14, 2020 

Maine has its statewide primaries today; Texas and Alabama have primary runoffs. And lawsuits abound against the White House's new ICE rule, threatening to deport international students taking only online courses.

Archive: July 23, 2009

St. Paul, MN - Wanted: students from the Midwest interested in learning the basics of sustainable farming. Two courses scheduled for this fall, called Farm Beginnings, will cover getting started, financial planning, production, marketing, and more. The sessions are organized by the Land Stewardship ...Read More

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Two years ago, a young black woman, Megan Williams, was kidnapped and tortured by six white people in Logan County - a brutal crime remembered vividly by many in the African-American community. In an effort to heal the wounds, volunteers recently built and furnished a new home fo ...Read More

CLEVELAND - Ohio is front and center in the health care reform debate with President Obama's scheduled town hall meeting in Cleveland today. Some say it's important for Ohioans to speak up now about the need for lawmakers to find common-sense solutions to the health care crisis. AARP Ohio spokesma ...Read More

Albany, NY - More than 200,000 young New Yorkers, between the ages of 16 and 24, considered "disconnected" by family advocates, need education, jobs and housing, according to a new report being unveiled today. They are identified as outside the work force, at risk of losing a job, or already headed ...Read More

New York, NY - Hundreds of millions of dollars could have been pulled from the sea, if the U.S. did a better job rebuilding fish populations. That's the conclusion of a new report out today. Lee Crockett, director of federal fish policy for the Pew Environment Group, says their report asks a very ...Read More

HARRISBURG, Penn. - Protesters involved in a statewide rally Thursday say Pennsylvania's state budget axe could put hundreds of veterans and veterans' home workers on the street unless some proposed cuts are restored. Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. and veterans activist Hal Donahue sees the situati ...Read More

Chester, MT - A recent lack of new wind projects in Montana's rural areas has spurred the Montana Farmers Union (MFU) into action. Though interest remains high among farmers, the roadblocks to locating turbines on their land are keeping many from successfully entering the wind business. The Union ha ...Read More

BOISE, Idaho - People will be busy counting fish this season - specifically, Idaho's endangered sockeye salmon. Around 900 may survive the trip hundreds of miles upstream from the Pacific Ocean to reach their natal waters. It's great news, compared to years when only one sockeye - or sometimes, none ...Read More

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