PNS Daily Newscast - January 17, 2020 

Govt. Accountability Office rules that Trump administration violated federal law on aid to Ukraine; and racial disparities in health care.

2020Talks - January 17, 2020 

Just a couple weeks out from the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, four Senators are being pulled off the campaign trail for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Archive: July 31, 2009

Columbus - Tough economic times are forcing many people to rethink their travel plans this summer, and many are choosing to vacation closer to home, which means fewer airline flights and increased traffic on Ohio's roads and highways. Experts are offering drivers and passengers simple measures they ...Read More

St. Louis, MO - After a 12-year decline, evidence shows a rise in the teen birth rate across the country and in Missouri. The results indicate the rise is not necessarily due to an increase in sexual activity, but rather, a reduced use of contraceptives - specifically condoms. Rev. Rebecca Turner, ...Read More

St. Louis, MO - Domestic violence advocates in Missouri are applauding the efforts of those who spoke out against and helped defeat an amendment last week that would have affected federal gun law. The Thune Amendment For Nationwide Reciprocity would have required most states to honor concealed carry ...Read More

Boston, MA - A new report on Massachusetts' Health Care Reform law counters criticism raised in the federal debate over health care reform. Since its passage three years ago, the law has served as a model for health care reform debates and discussions nationwide. The study, issued by the nonprofit M ...Read More

Chicago, IL - The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) begins its 20th year as law this summer, and people with disabilities say it has made a difference. Buses have lifts and buildings have ramps. However, Illinois ranks last in the nation in helping people to get out of institutions and living on ...Read More

Santa Fe - New Mexico parents are being encouraged to do some detective work and check their homes for toys marketed under the name of the CSI television series. Two children's detective kits have been found to be contaminated with asbestos, and the toy manufacturer, Planet Toys, has settled a lawsu ...Read More

Santa Fe - The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) begins its 20th year as law this week, and advocates for people with disabilities say it feels like the law is all grown up. Last year, Congress passed the ADA Amendments Act, which overturned a series of Supreme Court decisions that limited the s ...Read More

OLYMPIA, Wash. - August 2-8 is "Washington Farmers Market Week," an official nod to the farmers who set up booths and sell their wares to individual consumers. If you want to see a booming business in Washington, make plans to visit one. There are now 140 farmers markets around the state, and sales ...Read More

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