PNS Daily Newscast - June 18, 2018 

First Lady Melania Trump makes a statement against separating kids from parents. Also on the Monday rundown: Anti-hunger advocates applaud the newest Farm Bill; plus diaper duty an economic burden for 1-in-3 families.

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Archive: January 22, 2010

ST. LOUIS, MO - Thousands across Missouri and the nation will commemorate today the 1973 landmark ruling Roe versus Wade; the decision that legalized a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. Among those will be advocates for reproductive rights, such as Rev. Rebecca Turner, executive director ...Read More

PHOENIX - With budgets shrinking and needs rapidly growing, Arizonans looking for a helping hand-up have a new on-line tool to quickly find out what kinds of assistance they may be eligible for. The Web site,, tells people where they can apply for services in or near their ho ...Read More

RICHMOND, Virg. - Tuesday's special election in Massachusetts, which chose a Republican to fill the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat, has many speculating that the result represents a vote against health care reform. But, some Virginia groups say Massachusetts voters already have a reformed system and t ...Read More

SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) estimates the demand for food stamps will grow this year to include one in five Oregonians, and the Oregon Health Plan will have to accommodate another 135,000 people. At CareOregon, a Medicaid provider for the state, demand is already inc ...Read More

OLYMPIA, Wash. - A House version of a bill to eliminate a state tax exemption for Washington's only coal-fired power plant has been introduced in the state Legislature. The TransAlta Corporation, headquartered in Canada, receives a tax break that amounts to more than $4 million a year. There have be ...Read More

NEW YORK, NY - The air surrounding the Lafarge Cement plant in Ravena, New York, and Lafarge plants in 11 other states, will be cleaner under a settlement announced Thursday by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Lafarge is agreeing to pay $5 million in fines and to cease emitting 35,000 tons of pollutio ...Read More

New York, NY - Relief workers will be using lessons learned while dealing with the emotional scars of 9/11 to help thousands of Haitian children cope with the trauma of last week's earthquake. The workers will identify and attend to emotional trauma in these first days after the disaster. Linda Mas ...Read More

HELENA, Mont. - East Coast politics have become an issue 'down on the farm' in Montana. The Massachusetts election results are being called a sign that health care reform is dead, or may need to start over. But, John Crabtree, a director for the Center for Rural Affairs, says those comments ignore t ...Read More

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