PNS Daily Newscast - June 1, 2020 

Protests over Floyd killing go global, as U.S. demonstrations focus on multiple recent victims of alleged lethal police misconduct.

2020Talks - June 1, 2020 

Protests continued over the weekend in police killing of George Floyd, with law enforcement in some cities using force against demonstrators. Former VP Joe Biden urged against violence.

Archive: October 8, 2010

FRANKFORT, Ky. - It's a party with a global purpose: fighting climate change. Kentucky residents from east to west will roll up their sleeves Sunday, 10.10.10, to show their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Dozens of Kentucky volunteers, like Wallace McMullen, will install solar pa ...Read More

PORTLAND, Ore. - Oregon adults who are uninsured and living near the poverty line have a little more than a week to get onto the waiting list for the next Oregon Health Plan (OHP) drawing. Being on the list doesn't guarantee health insurance. It means those whose names are drawn will receive an appl ...Read More

PORTLAND, Ore. - It's what companies might not want the public to know – and it's online starting this week. A new database called "Job Tracker" lists 400,000 companies with records of outsourcing jobs overseas, layoffs due to the nation's trade policies, and federal labor or safety violations ...Read More

SEATTLE - A new website is being touted as a tool for determining the local effects of outsourcing American jobs overseas. The database, called "Job Tracker," was unveiled on Thursday by the AFL-CIO's Working America organization. Type in a zip code, and you'll find lists of companies with overseas ...Read More

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - On a date that only comes once a century, events around New Mexico and the nation will draw attention to what many consider the problem of the century. The "10-10-10" events are set for this Sunday, Oct. 10, to focus on fighting climate change. Long-time Duke City business owne ...Read More

MERIDEN, Conn. - People in Connecticut find themselves homeless for a whole range of reasons, including poverty, health problems and domestic violence. The "No Wrong Door" conference held Thursday in Meriden was called an "unprecedented" opportunity to coordinate services for these residents. Caro ...Read More

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