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PNS Daily Newscast - October 1, 2020 

Concern that Trump's Proud Boys comments could encourage "alt-right" groups; report finds key swing states went into manufacturing decline pre-pandemic.

2020Talks - October 1, 2020 

Experts are concerned about white supremacist violence leading up to the election. And, the Presidential Debate Commission says they plan to change rules after Trump's almost constant interruptions.

Archive: February 15, 2010

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin's organic farming industry is second in size only to California's, and experts say there is every indication that it will continue to grow. A recently released U.S. Department of Agriculture study took an in-depth look at organic farming across the nation, and while there a ...Read More

Chicago, IL - The volunteer organization Give an Hour asks mental health professionals to set aside one hour a week to help military veterans and their families. Joslyn Jelinek, a licensed clinical social worker, does just that. She has been a volunteer for two years and is one of several therapists ...Read More

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - The characters in Illinois politics have a long history of gaining national media attention, but this time, it's a controversial abortion case that has shoved the state into a national spotlight once again. The lawsuit by the ACLU challenging the constitutionality of Illinois' pa ...Read More

CONCORD, N.H. - More than 2,000 New Hampshire students are homeless today, according to a new report by the First Focus Campaign for Children, and the number is growing. The resulting instability and stress can be overwhelming for homeless students, according to Jayne Ludwig, president of the New Ha ...Read More

RICHMOND, Va. - Some folks in The Commonwealth who find themselves in tight financial situations are tempted to get fast cash in the form a car-title loan - but for many, that quick fix turns out to be a long-term nightmare. Car-title lending is a practice where the lender gives cash to a borrower w ...Read More

LANSING, Mich. - President Obama says job creation is the new theme of his administration, and in the recent State of the State address, Gov. Granholm set it as a key goal for Michigan this year, too. Jobs seem to be on everyone's mind these days, but more experienced women in the Michigan labor poo ...Read More

COLUMBUS, Ohio - If Congress doesn't act quickly, tens of thousands of Ohioans will lose the assistance that has helped them stay afloat during the economic meltdown. According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, more than 24,000 Ohioans will begin exhausting their jobless benefits in ...Read More

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Federal unemployment benefits and COBRA subsidies for health insurance coverage are set to expire at the end of the month, and that spells economic disaster for Missourians still struggling to find work. A new report shows that more than 20,000 of them will become ineligible fo ...Read More

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