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PNS Daily Newscast - August 7, 2020 

The State Attorney of NY moves to dissolve the NRA; an update on the potential wave of pandemic evictions.

2020Talks - August 7, 2020 

The Commission on Presidential Debates rejects Trump campaign's request for a fourth debate. Hawaii has a primary tomorrow, but there are only 8 vote service centers.

Archive: April 5, 2010

BROOKFIELD, Wis. - Today is the start of National Workplace Wellness Week, and in Wisconsin the week has added significance. Three months from today, on the 5th of July, the state's new smoke-free air law takes effect. It will ban smoking in all workplaces. Michelle Mercure, director of program s ...Read More

MINNEAPOLIS - Being a housing construction worker in Minnesota right now is a tough road to travel. New data from the "2x4" report by the Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) reveals that fewer workers were able to earn a living by building and rehabbing homes than in any fourth quarter since 1992, a ...Read More

RICHMOND, Va. - Women of color in Virginia and across the U.S. are finding it increasingly difficult to generate and sustain wealth, according to a recent report. The study found that single black women in their prime earning years, ages 36 to 49, have a median wealth (assets minus debts) of only $5 ...Read More

DES MOINES, Iowa - Vampires have long been a hit in teen pop culture, with the "Twilight" series as the latest example. The expected release of the movie version of the book "Eclipse" in the series next month is being viewed as an opportunity to talk with teens about gender roles, abstinence until m ...Read More

AMES, Iowa - Wet soil conditions from winter's heavy snowfall have Iowa farmers worrying about the impact of all that extra water. Too much water can make it difficult to till the soil, and if conditions remain wet, it can also hurt the harvest. With weather extremes expected to become more common d ...Read More

PORTLAND, Ore. - The federal government is asking Oregonians to chime in on how national forests should be managed in the coming decades. The USDA Forest Service will be holding an open house on forest planning in Portland on Tuesday. Mike Anderson, senior resource analyst with The Wilderness Socie ...Read More

PORTLAND, Ore. - While most pediatricians can determine if something is wrong with a child during a typical visit, hunger is one condition that can sometimes be hard to talk about and tough to detect. So pediatrician Dana Hargunani helped develop a new toolkit to help doctors identify when childhood ...Read More

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The Florida House will hear today from both sides on a controversial bill that would tie teacher pay to student test scores. Amid protests from teachers and parents, SB6 passed the Senate. The House version, HB7189, cleared its first committee and is now being considered by the H ...Read More

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