PNS Daily Newscast - May 24, 2019 

President Trump's reported to be ready to sign disaster relief bill without money for border security. Also on the Friday rundown: House bills would give millions a path to citizenship; and remembering California’s second-deadliest disaster.

Daily Newscasts

Archive: June 9, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Some business boosters in Ohio say they could really use the influx of people that passenger rail service would bring to the state's major urban areas. The 3-C project would spend $400 million in federal stimulus money to build a passenger system that links the three-C's: Columbus, ...Read More

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Budget cuts could mean fewer services that enable Missouri seniors to live independently and remain in their homes and communities, according to people working with the agencies that provide those services. Meals on Wheels, transportation and in-home services are likely targets. Da ...Read More

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Concern grows over marine life threatened by the country's worst environmental disaster as scientists working for NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, have confirmed that a wide area of undersea particulate oil has been found dozens of miles from the gush ...Read More

Summer's almost here, and kids who get free or reduced-price breakfasts and lunches during the school year still need to eat. A little-known federal program makes that possible. The Summer Food Service Program operates at almost 500 sites around Connecticut. Some are set up at existing programs, w ...Read More

NEW YORK - President Obama paid a visit to a senior center on Tuesday to send the message that the nation is headed toward closing the gap in prescription drug coverage. Checks in the amount of $250 started going out this week to 4 million seniors in New York and across the nation. Marilyn Pinsky, ...Read More

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Matching funds for candidates running under Arizona's Clean Elections system of public campaign financing have been blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court. Under the voter-approved system, candidates being outspent by privately-funded opponents can get a limited amount of extra money to ...Read More

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa lawmakers in next year's session will be asked to spend $113 million to expand the current voluntary public preschool program for four-year-olds to include as many as 31,000 children. However, the idea of taxpayer-funded preschool has critics, who want to do away with it. S ...Read More

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