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PNS Daily News - October 26, 2020 

Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court moves toward a final vote; judicial appointments issue looms in the election; and five COVID-19 infections confirmed within VP Mike Pence's inner circle.

2020Talks - October 26, 2020 

Youth voter turnout has been high in early voting. And presidential candidates court swing-state voters in the last days until November 3.

Archive: August 2, 2010

NEW PRAGUE, Minn. - Images of cows roaming free come to mind when people think of grass-fed cattle. But giving cows too much free rein on pasture is actually not the best choice for their diet, or the land, an expert says. Howard Moechnig, grasslands specialist with Midwest Grasslands, says if left ...Read More

NEW YORK - A print advertisement for a minivan has a New York children's advocacy group crying foul over its bold-print headline, "Teach your Kids Not to Share." The Volkswagen ad appears in "Family Circle Magazine." Dana Friedman, president of the Early Years Institute, says her group fired off a ...Read More

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Some say it's the beginning of the end of insurance industry discrimination. Thousands of Ohioans who were considered uninsurable in the private market will now be able to access affordable health coverage under the state's new high-risk insurance program. Col Owens, co-chair of O ...Read More

RICHMOND, Ky. - Unlikely allies - environmentalists and coal companies - are coming together to help the bee industry. Beekeepers and scientists are puzzled about the decline in the honeybee population. Now, a project in eastern Kentucky has coal companies placing flowering, pollen-producing plants ...Read More

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Congress is gearing up for a debate on the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, which are set to expire at the end of this year. Some of the same lawmakers complaining most loudly about deficit spending on such things as unemployment benefits or loans for small businesses also say ...Read More

LANSING, Mich. - Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm has provided a veto-firewall for legislation that would limit women's reproductive rights. The Democrat has been a safeguard for pro-choice advocates. Depending on the outcome of tomorrow's primary, however, that could change significantly. Only one o ...Read More

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Time may be running out for the subsidized health care plan called "adultBasic" that now covers 46,000 low-income Pennsylvanians. Since 2005, Pennsylvania's four Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurers have been a major funding source for the program, but that arrangement runs out at year' ...Read More

BISMARCK, N.D. - The North Dakota Department of Transportation tries to make sure that its projects for the future don't disturb the history of the past, particularly for the state's Native American tribes. The agency has an employee whose job is to make the road less bumpy. That person is Jeani B ...Read More

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