PNS Daily Newscast - February 18, 2020 

Amazon's Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to fight climate change; and updates from state primary elections.

2020Talks - February 18, 2020 

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is climbing national polls, but facing much more scrutiny than he had in the early states, which he skipped. Texas is going to come into play for him -- as the state with the second-largest Super Tuesday trove of delegates.

Archive: November 8, 2011

DENVER - The challenge is on! Schools around Colorado are being asked to score themselves on how well they're making the connection between health and learning. The scorecard measures eight components of what's called the Coordinated School Health Model, from health education, nutrition and physical ...Read More

RICHMOND, Va. - A new law is in effect in Virginia that gives qualified people a brief break when they are faced with having electricity or water shut off for late payments. It applies only when someone in the household has a serious medical condition. Christie Marra, an attorney with the Virginia ...Read More

CHICAGO - The U.S. Senate may vote this week on overturning Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules aimed at guaranteeing an open Internet, whereby corporations were forbidden to give some people better access to the Web than others. And the fate of the so-called "net neutrality" rules could a ...Read More

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Another round in Ohio's heated battle over collective bargaining will soon be over. By the end of the day, voters will have had their say on Issue Two, the ballot measure that would overturn Senate Bill Five. That measure, which bans strikes by public workers and limits union negoti ...Read More

MINNEAPOLIS - For the first time in 25 years, the band that backed Prince during his "Purple Rain" years is coming together for a show in Minneapolis, in partnership with the American Heart Association. The reunion of The Revolution was the idea of drummer Bobby Z, who survived a near-fatal heart at ...Read More

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