PNS Daily Newscast - June 24, 2019 

No military strikes, but President Trump sticks to tough talk against Iran. Also on our Monday rundown: Staying in jail may depend on where you live. Plus, summer is here – will national parks be ready?

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Archive: April 12, 2011

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin had been losing about 30,000 acres of farmland a year to development and other causes when a program to turn that around was enacted two years ago. Now, Governor Scott Walker wants to cut the PACE program, which protects farms by purchasing conservation easements. PACE prov ...Read More

COLUMBUS, Ohio - More and more Ohio emergency rooms are treating patients who show up suffering from broken or infected teeth, but who don't have access to regular dental care. The executive director of the CincySmiles Foundation, Dr. Larry Hill, says not only is emergency room care expensive, it ...Read More

COLUMBUS, Ohio - With lesson plans starting in kindergarten, it's definitely not your parents' Sex-Ed class, but school district leaders in Cleveland say their comprehensive sexual education program is proving to be a success. An evaluation of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District's K-through-1 ...Read More

NEW YORK - April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and those on the front lines fighting the problem in New York are concerned about children's safety in light of recent budget cuts. Experts predicted the economic downturn would prompt an increase in child-abuse cases, and Cindy Scott, the e ...Read More

RICHMOND, Va. - Children struggling with reading in third grade are more likely to miss out on a high school diploma, according to a new study that followed thousands of pupils through their school years. Those not reading at grade level are four times more likely not to graduate, and for kids in po ...Read More

WASHINGTON - The country's energy infrastructure is not ready to weather the storm of more frequent extreme weather. A new National Wildlife Federation (NWF) report delivers that finding and makes recommendations for improving energy reliability. NWF climate scientist Dr. Amanda Staudt says floods, ...Read More

HARTFORD, Minn. - Two words that developers dislike: local control. Legislation making its way through the Minnesota House and Senate aims to weaken the power of local governments to enact interim ordinances, which allow townships and counties to quickly put a temporary freeze on major development. ...Read More

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Since Governor Christine Gregoire made a ten-percent cut in the number of in-home care hours that elderly Washingtonians and those with disabilities can receive with state funding, some of them and their caregivers have been in court, fighting the cutbacks. Now, a group of state law ...Read More

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