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PNS Daily News - October 23, 2020 

President Trump and Joe Biden square off in their final debate; warnings that "dark days" of the pandemic are yet to come; and food assistance now available for some wildfire victims.

2020Talks - October 23, 2020 

The second and last presidential debate was much more controlled than the first; President Trump keeping to his main themes, calmly rebutted by Biden.

Archive: May 24, 2011

SEATTLE - Washington gets a 'B' on a new national report card that compares how states are doing in providing dental care to children. Pew Center on the States based its grades on such things as: availability of tooth sealants and water fluoridation; Medicaid policies that encourage dentists to trea ...Read More

SEATTLE - Supporters of a Seattle group that runs a summer camp teaching media skills to teenage girls say they've raised enough money to tell cable giant Comcast it can keep its corporate donation to the program, after the company tried to censor their "tweets." The subject of the Reel Grrls' twee ...Read More

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - There's plenty of research to show that smaller classroom sizes lead to higher pupil achievement, and there's some concern that the Wisconsin Legislature could be ignoring that research. For instance, Milwaukee kindergarten teacher Kelly McMahon says the SAGE program should be le ...Read More

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. - The North Carolina Senate will soon decide how early "early voting" can be. The state House has passed its version of a bill to reduce the amount of time polling sites can be open before elections, by one week. Republican backers of the idea suggest it will save county governm ...Read More

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Patient advocates say too many Ohioans suffer from illnesses they acquired while at the hospital. That's why hospitals in the Buckeye State are being asked to sign a pledge to improve the coordination of care to keep patients safe. Getting sick as the result of being in a hospital ...Read More

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - More than 16 million American children go without seeing a dentist, because their parents can't afford it or state Medicaid programs aren't providing the federally-mandated care. In a new report, the Pew Center on the States says those children are more likely to miss school and ...Read More

ALBANY, N.Y. - More than 1.7 million New York homes have experienced utility shutoffs since 2005, and every hour of every day last year, 36 New York homes had their gas or electric service shut off by utilities companies, according to AARP. Now, state lawmakers are considering legislation that aims ...Read More

HARTFORD, Conn. - The state's largest advocacy organization for seniors, AARP, has a very different vision from Republicans in Congress about how to confront the national debt and still make Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security sustainable, for current and future generations of retirees. The Rep ...Read More

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