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PNS Daily Newscast - September 18, 2020 

A federal judge slams the brakes on U.S. Postal Service changes nationwide; and we take you to the state 'out front' for clean elections.

2020Talks - September 18, 2020 

Trump slams the 1619 project on Constitution Day, and Pennsylvania's Supreme Court makes some election changes.

Archive: May 25, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS - Friday marks the 100th birthday of former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, whose nickname as a young U.S. senator from Minnesota was "The Happy Warrior" for his positive attitude and hard work. Humphrey is known for his key role in establishing the Peace Corps, the Nuclear Test Ban ...Read More

MADISON, Wis. - Legislation in response to a proposed mine in Iron County is moving forward quickly, although conservationists say the proposal has serious flaws. The open-pit mine would be located in a region of the state known for excellent trout streams, parks and national forests. Jennifer Gieg ...Read More

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida gets an F on a new national report card that compares how states are doing in providing dental care to children. The Pew Center on the States based the grades on issues such as availability of tooth sealants and water fluoridation, Medicaid policies that encourage dentis ...Read More

SEATTLE - Opening junk mail, attending a free lunch seminar or entering contests may all seem like harmless activities, but they're actually the top behaviors that put older consumers at risk for fraud, a new report finds. The year-long national study surveyed hundreds of people age 50 and older wh ...Read More

LANSING, Mich. - A year after bringing its program to Michigan, the National College Advising Corps is quadrupling the number of high schools it serves, giving the state's college-bound students a unique advantage. The corps will expand from eight to 32 schools, with the help of the University of M ...Read More

NEW LONDON, Conn. - A relatively new organization representing physicians in Connecticut is urging swift passage of the state's health-reform bill, known as SustiNet. Other physicians' groups in the state have expressed reservations about the bill after the Legislature stripped a provision to provid ...Read More

AUSTIN, Texas - As Texas lawmakers struggle to balance the state's books by cutting public education, health and human services and other popular programs, a new study says there is a simpler and far less painful way to turn deficits into surpluses. The study released today suggests flipping the st ...Read More

CONCORD, N.H. - Gov. John Lynch vetoed the state's "right to work" bill, HB 474, as promised, and today, the New Hampshire House will work on an attempt to override that veto. Proponents of making New Hampshire a right-to-work state say the law, unfriendly to labor unions, would bring more business ...Read More

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