PNS Daily Newscast - July 7, 2020 

The U.S. Supreme Court rules against rogue 2016 Electoral College voters; SBA pandemic aid goes to companies that don't pledge to save or create jobs.

2020Talks - July 7, 2020 

Biden's climate change task force is making some progress; a federal judge orders the Dakota Access Pipeline shut down; and today sees elections in NJ and DE.

Archive: July 18, 2011

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Some Montana farmers and ranchers could soon have a new weapon at their disposal in fighting noxious weeds: Their own cattle. The Montana Farmers Union (MFU) just wrapped-up a week of training cattle to eat Canadian thistle on three North Central-area ranches. MFU project speci ...Read More

NEW YORK - Today is "Global Hug Your Kids Day." Michelle Nichols, a former Businessweek magazine columnist, started Global Hug Your Kids Day on the 10th anniversary of the death of her 8-year-old son, Mark, just 11 days after he was diagnosed with brain cancer. She does not want anyone faced with a ...Read More

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - A majority of Florida's workers age 40 and older claim they will depend on Social Security when they retire, according to a recent survey. The poll released by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security Foundation found that 52 percent of those workers expect Social Secu ...Read More

EUGENE, Ore. - The National Labor Relations Board hears testimony today on proposed changes to its election rules that could make it easier to form workplace unions. Oregon union members are weighing in, signing petitions and filing comments One of the biggest changes would allow workers to have th ...Read More

MADISON, Wis. - Forecasters say the week ahead could be one of the hottest of the summer for much of Wisconsin and the Midwest, and heat waves can be dangerous. The American Heart Association warns that people on heart medications can have an exaggerated response to the heat and need to take extra p ...Read More

CHICAGO - President Obama says compromise and shared sacrifice are key to reaching agreement on the debt ceiling. And if the Republicans would compromise on tax loopholes, he's willing to consider means tests for Medicare, perhaps raising premiums for those with higher incomes. Heather Heppner wit ...Read More

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Critics of the nation's "war on drugs" have noted that there has been little change in the percentage of Americans abusing drugs during the past four decades. In West Virginia's construction industry, however, where drug abuse is a serious safety issue, unions and contractors say ...Read More

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Service providers and advocates for Ohioans with disabilities still are sorting through the details of the state's new two-year budget to see how budget cuts will affect the lives of some of the state's most vulnerable citizens. As the budget is implemented, significant changes to s ...Read More

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