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PNS Daily Newscast - September 18, 2020 

A federal judge slams the brakes on U.S. Postal Service changes nationwide; and we take you to the state 'out front' for clean elections.

2020Talks - September 18, 2020 

Trump slams the 1619 project on Constitution Day, and Pennsylvania's Supreme Court makes some election changes.

Archive: October 19, 2012

West Virginia Center On Budget & Policy logo

CHARLESTON, W. Va. – According to the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, West Virginia does a terrible job tracking and evaluating the tax breaks intended to spark job growth. Sean O'Leary, policy analyst at the Center, says the state tax department doesn't report the total actual cost ...Read More

PHOTO: A voter registration drive that started this summer is reporting success in registering more than five-hundred new New York voters.

NEW YORK – A voter registration drive on Long Island outside of New York City is reporting success in registering more than 4,500 new voters. Some of them say they plan to vote because of cuts in federal programs. Twenty-year-old Demetrius Labozetta is an organizer with Youth Enrichment Servi ...Read More

PHOTO: Picture of Seneca Lake. Courtesy Southeast Ohio Alliance to Save Our Water.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Residents and conservationists in Ohio are expressing concerns that the thirst for fracking in their state will dry up water resources. The shale gas drilling industry is acquiring sites in eastern parts of the state, with the number of wells expected to increase from around ...Read More

PHOTO: Less than half of the $2.5 billion in National Mortgage Settlement money, paid by banks to states, is being used to assist troubled homeowners and prevent foreclosures.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – When Utah received almost $22 million as part of the National Mortgage Settlement from banks after the nation's mortgage lending crisis, the state did not use it to help struggling homeowners. And according to a new report from Enterprise Community Partners, many states ...Read More

PHOTO: Those receiving Social Security will see an increase of 1.7 percent next year in their benefits.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Americans who receive Social Security benefits will see an increase of 1.7 percent in their monthly checks next year. The Social Security Administration announced the cost of living adjustment (COLA) earlier this week. Dennis Eisnach, volunteer president of AARP-South Dak ...Read More

PHOTO: The gubernatorial race in New Hampshire heats up around Medicare issues.

MANCHESTER, N. H. – Thursday's New Hampshire gubernatorial debate drew protests in Manchester as local seniors turned out to show their support for Medicare and to denounce proposals to shift that care to a block grant or voucher system. Steve Morgan, a retired senior from Amherst, joined the ...Read More

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