PNS Daily Newscast - February 26, 2020 

Seven Democrats debate in South Carolina. And helping kelp forests off the West coast.

2020Talks - February 26, 2020 

Candidates took the stage in Charleston, South Carolina, ahead of Saturday's South Carolina primaries, but also ahead of next week's Super Tuesday. Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg took some hits, but Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the national frontrunner, was the main target.

Archive: May 17, 2012

SEATTLE - Friday is the 32nd anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption. The area is now a national monument, but people are gathering there that day to make a case for turning it into a national park. The added prestige of park designation would mean more visitors, which boosts the local economy ...Read More

MADISON, Wis. - The American Heart Association worked successfully to pass the Open Gyms Bill, which allows Wisconsin schools to share their spaces for community activity. Heart Association advocate Kaela Gedda, a stroke survivor, says this is a win-win situation for taxpayers and communities. "Thi ...Read More

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A House bill introduced to help address rising gas prices would also include provisions some say would gut clean air standards that protect public health. The Gasoline Regulations Act of 2012 would require the Environmental Protection Agency to consider cost and feasibility in sett ...Read More

Since the start of 2011, the Arizona Commerce Authority has disclosed checkbook-level detail online for 59 percent of the $41.5 million awarded to companies in grants and tax credits. Checkbook-level detail on the other 41 percent  or $17.0 million  is not readily accessible to the public.

PHOENIX - More than 40 percent of the taxpayer-funded corporate subsidies doled out in the first year of the Arizona Commerce Authority have not been disclosed, either by amount or recipient, according to a new report. The study from the Arizona Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund ...Read More

BOSTON - Advocates for families with children who have intellectual or developmental disabilities say they are sad and disappointed with the budget proposed Wednesday by the Senate Ways and Means Committee. It contains $10 million less in family support than the House version. And it may mean some 2 ...Read More

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RICHMOND, Va. - Gas prices are high, and federal legislation entitled the Gasoline Regulations Act (HR 4471) is being touted as way to help curb them. However, some groups say the bill's name is deceptive. It would require an analysis of the potential effects on gas, diesel and natural gas prices re ...Read More

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HARRISBURG, Penn. - Supporters say it could save Pennsylvanians money at the pump, but health advocates are waving a red flag. They caution that a gas-price bill scheduled to be debated by a U.S. House committee today comes with a far higher price tag: human health. The Gasoline Regulations Act(H. ...Read More

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