PNS Daily Newscast - July 3, 2020 

Economists say coronavirus disaster declarations may be the quickest path to reopening; militia groups use virus, Independence Day to recruit followers.

2020Talks - July 3, 2020 

Trump visits South Dakota's Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore today; nearby tribal leaders object, citing concerns over COVID-19 and a fireworks display. Plus, voter registration numbers are down from this time in 2016.

Archive: June 7, 2012

California now has the nation's first statewide underwater park system. The Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to adopt a network of Marine Protected Areas for northern California. The approval completes an eight-year plan to designate areas up and down the coast with the goal of ...Read More

JACKSON, Wyo. - Forgetfulness can be a part of normal aging - or a sign of Alzheimer's and other memory disorders. A workshop today in Jackson will provide insights on the differences. Catherine Carrico, deputy director of the Wyoming Geriatric Education Center, says the workshop will cover the bas ...Read More

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - It's rare to find an issue on which Ohioans across the political spectrum can agree, but a new poll finds that protecting Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes is one issue that unites Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Over the last three years, the federal government has spent ...Read More

CARSON CITY, Nevada - Nevada voters soon could be asked to sign petitions for a new business tax to help fund kindergarten-through-12th-grade education. The "Education Initiative" would create what's known as a margins tax for businesses with total annual revenue of more than $1 million. The tax r ...Read More

LANSING, Mich. - In the Farm Bill debate in Congress, perhaps no one is watching more closely than organic farmers - in Michigan and across the country. They are seeing the scales tip more toward crop insurance than subsidies to growers, but crop insurance treats organic producers differently from t ...Read More

NEW YORK - Congress is trying to trim the budget by putting limits on spending. That point is being raised as the U.S. Senate debates the next Farm Bill, because there are currently no limits on crop insurance subsidies. Those subsidies amounted to almost $9 billion last year, making up the bigges ...Read More

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EL PASO, Texas - The number of illegal border crossings from Mexico has dropped sharply in recent years, but that hasn't slowed human-rights violations against border-area residents, according to community advocates marching in El Paso today. Two years ago, 15-year-old Sergio Hernandez Guereca was s ...Read More

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