PNS Daily Newscast - May 18, 2018 

Giuliani says Trump will likely start preparing for a sit-down with Robert Mueller. Also on the rundown: A new report says SNAP changes would require a massive expansion of bureaucracy; and in the West, there's a win for sage grouse.

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Archive: August 13, 2012

Trees burning in forest fire.  Corbis.  All Rights Reserved.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - You may have heard of a flood plain, but what about a fire plain? Some researchers are suggesting that thinking about forests in the same way we think about rivers may help stem some of the devastating damage we've seen in recent months from wildfires in Colorado and other ...Read More

Alaric Balibrera; photo taken by Elizabeth Romero.

SANTA FE, N.M. – New Mexico remains in the crosshairs of the ongoing debate over the safety of the nuclear industry. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s new chairwoman, Allison MacFarlane, has indicated that a site near Carlsbad, N.M., where nuclear waste is stored four miles undergroun ...Read More

IMAGE: VETS program logo. Courtesy of OACAA

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Adjusting to life after military service is no easy task, especially for Ohio veterans facing a struggling economy. The Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies is launching a new program to help aid low-income veterans through job education and training. Deborah Ferguson, dir ...Read More

PHOTO:  It's sometimes called

PORTLAND, Ore. - The son of an Oregon woman bilked out of $90,000 has advice for other grown children concerned about their aging parents: Get involved sooner rather than later. At his mother's house, John Fread of Portland noticed a credit card statement with a balance of $20,000. Scammers had cha ...Read More

Doak Bloss and Gerardo Ascheri     photo credit: ACLU Michigan

LANSING, Mich. Same-sex couples in Michigan who are suing the state over denial of health care coverage may be packing up and leaving if the judge rules against them. The law in question prohibits certain public employers from offering health insurance for non-married couples. Some of the plaintif ...Read More

PHOTO: Bison that need to be transferred. Photo credit: Garrit Voggesser

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A decision is looming in the matter of 160 bison that have been staying at one of Ted Turner's ranches. The former Yellowstone animals need a new home, and a list of ideal locations is due by the end of this month. Some animals went to Fort Peck earlier this year, and the Shoshone a ...Read More

Pigs * Gestation Crates

RICHMOND, Va. - The year 2012 might end up being the year of the pig. Several leading fast-food chains including McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King have committed to eliminating pig-gestation crates from their pork supplies. One of the biggest pork producers, Virginia's Smithfield Foods, announce ...Read More

GRAPHIC: The Telling Project Logo

DES MOINES, Iowa - Veterans of wars from WWII to Afghanistan will take to the stage in Des Moines this fall to tell stories about enlistment, deployment, combat and returning to civilian life. It's part of the national theatrical effort called the "Telling Project." Director Jennifer Fawcett say ...Read More

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