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PNS Daily Newscast - August 13, 2020 

Minutes after Biden selected Harris as VP, she throws first punch at Trump; teachers raise their hands with safety concerns.

2020Talks - August 13, 2020 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make their first public appearance as running mates. President Trump calls Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene a GOP "star," despite her support for conspiracy theory QAnon.

Archive: September 24, 2012

GRAPHIC: Vote button
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YAKIMA, Wash. - The League of Women Voters of Washington kicks into high gear with volunteers and sign-up events on Tuesday, National Voter Registration Day, in at least eight counties. In Yakima, it'll be "sign up here, then have a beer," as the Yakima County League sets up a registration table ju ...Read More

PHOTO: Mexican Gray Wolf. Courtesy: Wolf Conservation Center.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Mexican gray wolf proponents say the animals do a lot of good for the environment. That's one reason the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is acting to focus attention on this symbol of wild land. Stephen Capra, executive director of the Alliance, says the wolf suffers due to long ...Read More

PHOTO: Bob Fagen, senior associate at Synapse Energy Econmics, Inc.

Home and business energy costs have been falling in the Midwest, and the wind industry is claiming partial credit. Bob Fagen with Synapse Energy Economics says while it's a win for consumers, other energy sectors aren't pleased, and that's why traditional energy producers have begun a campaign to tr ...Read More


COLUMBUS, Ohio - Hold the phone! Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation that could mean the end of traditional phone service for many residents. Senate Bill 271 would allow providers to cut basic service in an area if two other telecommunication services are available, such as wireless (cell) or ...Read More

Farm workers who were picked up by the border patrol in California for illegal entry in May, 1972 COURTESY: National Archives

RALEIGH, N.C. - In April of 2012, members of the Buen Pastor Church were detained in Louisiana while returning from Easter week observances in Houston. They say they were racially profiled, denied due process and verbally abused by Customs and Border Protection agents. Judith Tadeo was told her youn ...Read More

Photo: children eating at school program   Courtesy of

FORSYTH, Mo. - Missourians aren't making much headway in digging themselves out of the recession. New figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show nearly 16 percent of Missourians living in poverty in 2011, about the same as the year before. That total includes more than 300,000 children. In the Ozark ...Read More

GRAPHIC: Vote button

SALT LAKE CITY - In Utah, low voter turnout has been a stubborn problem - and was even the focus of a Governor's Commission a few years ago. So, this Tuesday - National Voter Registration Day - is one more effort to get people excited about being civic-minded. At the Alliance for a Better Utah, ex ...Read More

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - It's a simple formula: More time for after-school meals means more hungry children can be served. The latest census numbers show there is plenty of hunger to go around for kids in Nevada. According to the 2011 American Community Survey, 16.5 percent of children under 18 are living ...Read More

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