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PNS Daily Newscast - October 28, 2020 

A technical error rejected your ballot? Take action. Plus, doctors sound off on harmful health impacts of tailpipe emissions.

2020Talks - October 28, 2020 

The window is closing to mail ballots in states like GA, MI and WI that require them to be received before Election Day. Experts recommend going in-person if possible.

Archive: October 28, 2013

PHOTO: On a poster for Campus Equity Week, the caption is

SEATTLE - This is Campus Equity Week, in recognition of adjunct or part-time faculty members who are teaching most college classes today in Washington. They have all the responsibilities, but few of the perks, that come with being a professor. Some have no health insurance and work at more than one ...Read More

PHOTO: Some of Washington's electricity is generated in Montana at the Colstrip coal-fired power plant, co-owned by several utility companies. Photo credit: Ambimb on Flickr.

SEATTLE - More than 500 people showed up at a Seattle hearing on Oct. 23 about what should be in Washington's new climate action plan - and if you weren't one of them, there's still time to comment. The state is trying to cut carbon pollution, which is challenging when much of it comes from out-of- ...Read More

10-year cancer survivor Kathi Hansen says it's more important now than ever that people donate money to cancer research because of the cuts made by sequestration. Photo of Hansen used with permission.

WRIGHTSTOWN, Wis. - It has been 10 years since Kathi Hansen, Wrightstown, was diagnosed with breast cancer. "People often say, 'The minute I hear that word cancer, I think, "Oh my gosh, I'm gonna die,"' so a lot of times people ask me what was my first reaction, and that was not my first reaction. ...Read More

PHOTO: Today, an Idaho legislative interim committee resumes its examination of the possibility that Idaho try to take ownership of federal public lands in the state. There are more than 32 million federally-owned aces within the Gem State's borders. Photo credit: Deborah C. Smith

BOISE, Idaho - Today, an Idaho legislative interim committee resumes its examination of the possibility that Idaho take ownership of federal public lands in the state. More than 32 million acres within the Gem State borders are managed by federal agencies. The committee will hear testimony from trib ...Read More

PHOTO: One of the positive impacts from the ACA is expected to be a reduction in the health disparity gap.

ST. CLOUD, Minn. - Minnesotans who have had issues with the new health care marketplace are being told not to panic and assured there is still plenty of time to sign up. Rolanda Mason, supervising attorney, Legal Aid, St. Cloud, said there has been some frustration with the roll-out of MNsure, and t ...Read More

PHOTO:  The number of community health groups is expanding in Kentucky as a push for collaboration is emphasized.  Photo courtesy of Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - You surely know the proverb that starts, "It takes a village ..." When it comes to making Kentucky a healthier place, more community groups are joining forces to tackle the myriad of challenges. A statewide directory of local groups working on health issues has grown from 150 to 2 ...Read More

Photo: List of Colorado's rural communities who will benefit from Amendment 66. Courtesy: State of Colorado Legislative Council

CENTER, Colo. - With a week to go in the ballot campaign for the passage of Amendment 66, advocates for Colorado's rural districts are stepping forward to remind voters how the statewide tax increase would help those districts. According to the State of Colorado Legislative Council, 50 rural school ...Read More

PHOTO: Hunger affects people of all ages from all corners of Missouri and it could get worse as supplemental benefits to federal food stamp programs run out this week. Photo courtesy of Harvesters: The Community Food Network.

ST. LOUIS - Right now, one in seven Missouri residents meets the definition of "food insecure," meaning they are unable to consistently afford enough food. That number could go up this week. On Nov. 1, federal food stamp benefits will decrease by $36 per month for a family of four, as additional fun ...Read More

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