PNS Daily Newscast - April 3, 2020 

Son-in-law Jared Kushner takes on a major role in Trump's fight with COVID-19. Also, emergency funding for people who can't pay their rent because of the pandemic.

2020Talks - April 3, 2020 

The Democratic National Committee delayed its July convention in Milwaukee until August. Wisconsin has a primary this Tuesday, but hasn't cancelled or delayed in-person voting like many other states have done.

Archive: June 13, 2013

PHOTO: Technology allows for the wireless transmittal of EKGs of STEMI patients to area hospitals. CREDIT: Greater Louisville Medical Society

BEMIDJI, Minn. - A major new initiative from the American Heart Association aims to save lives in Minnesota by improving and streamlining heart attack care in the state. According to Mindy Cook, director of Mission Lifeline, the project will ensure that all ambulances have the proper equipment to a ...Read More

PHOTO: The speed of broadband is often a problem in rural areas of Kentucky.

WHITESBURG, Ky. - A federal report has found that beyond the obvious fact that broadband is less available in rural areas, there is also "considerable variation in availability" in both rural and urban communities. Bottom line: There is "not a simple rural/urban divide." A rural community's proximit ...Read More

Photo: Deepwater Horizon explosion. Courtesy: Florida National Wildlife Federation

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The civil trial against BP for the Deepwater Horizon disaster is in recess, but preparation and planning continues for how the funds awarded will be spent to restore the Gulf of Mexico. The last of six public listening sessions will be held Monday in St. Petersburg to give th ...Read More

PHOTO: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering changing the rules on how sea otters can be used once they are harvested by Alaska Natives, which is something that concerns environmental groups in California. Photo courtesy: Heidi Pearson

The federal government is considering changing the rules on how sea otters can be used once they're harvested by Alaska Natives, which is something that concerns environmental groups. At issue is how much alteration must be done before an Alaskan Native can turn a sea otter pelt into a blanket, rug ...Read More

PHOTO: Animal cruelty was brought to light at Wyoming Premium Farms in Wheatland, WY, in May of 2012. Undercover exposes might be criminalized if “ag-gag” bills introduced in many states are passed. Courtesy Humane Society of the United States.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Animal cruelty whistle-blowers have shot undercover video exposing illegal or unethical abuse inside factory farms and slaughterhouses across the country. In addition to animal abuse, food safety problems have been exposed. The meat industry is fighting back with bills introduced ...Read More

PHOTO: Traci Bruckner at the Center for Rural Affairs says the Farm Bill approved by the U.S. Senate has big impacts for Iowa. Photo courtesy of CFRA

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Farm Bill passed by the Senate this week cuts spending by about $24 billion over 10 years, with most of the reduction targeting conservation programs, farm subsidies and the food stamp program. The bill now heads to the U.S. House. Traci Bruckner, assistant director of policy ...Read More

PHOTO: Maryann Sinclair Slusky of Long Island Wins. Credit Long Island Wins

NEW YORK CITY - Just one day after the United States Senate took a critical vote to keep the immigration reform debate moving forward, a new poll has found overwhelming local support for a comprehensive overhaul. The new poll leaves little doubt on Long Island: It found that four out of five voters ...Read More

YANKTON, S.D. - The approval of the Farm Bill in the U.S. Senate this week is a step in the right direction, Traci Bruckner, assistant director of policy, Center for Rural Affairs, said, because the legislation contains needed help for agricultural development, small rural businesses and those just ...Read More

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