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PNS Daily Newscast - September 25, 2020 

Democrats reported to be preparing a smaller pandemic relief package; vote-by-mail awaits a court decision in Montana.

2020Talks - September 25, 2020 

Senators respond to President Donald Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. And, former military and national security officials endorse Joe Biden.

Archive: June 5, 2013

PHOTO: Scientists say Virginia is increasingly vulnerable to the threat of extreme weather. Photo credit: U.S. Coast Guard

RICHMOND, Va. - After a catastrophic and costly Atlantic hurricane season last year, there are fears that East Coast states will face even more extreme weather fueled by climate change this year. Scientists say Virginia is vulnerable, and the state's population and infrastructure are at greater ris ...Read More

Photo: Hurricane Irene made landfall on the coast of North Carolina as a Category 1 storm during the 2011 season. Courtesy

WILMINGTON, N.C. - Hurricane season is under way for North Carolina and other East Coast and southern states, and experts predict as many as three times the number of major hurricanes this season as in years past. Some scientists blame extreme temperatures and rising sea levels brought about by glo ...Read More

PHOTO: More than 500 pairs of shoes were donated for the Denver Heart and Stroke Walk. Each pair was given in connection to a story about how cardiovascular disease has affected families. Photo courtesy of American Heart Association-SW Affiliate

DENVER - Every shoe is connected with a story - and in Denver, more than 500 pairs of shoes were collected last weekend for the Heart and Stroke Walk. The walking shoes were donated by people affected in some way by cardiovascular disease, and those on the walk strolled past the mountain of 1,000 s ...Read More

Today's new report by the American Lung Association says millions of women may have undiagnosed lung problems, and that they are more susceptible than men to the effects of tobacco smoke.

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Women are 37 percent more likely to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease than men, and millions of women have symptoms that have gone undiagnosed, according to a report released today by the American Lung Association. Smoking is a huge issue, said Dr. Steven Brown, a pulmona ...Read More

PHOTO: New Yorkers will join in a national campaign today, with a “virtual day of action” on behalf of federal support for early childhood education. Blogging, tweeting and posting will be done on behalf of those too young to engage in social media. Courtesy Zero to Three.

NEW YORK - This month is the culmination of a drive to let the Obama administration and Congress know there's widespread support for the president's plan to spend some $75 billion enhancing the future for America's tiniest citizens. In New York and around the nation, the message is to support fundi ...Read More

PHOTO: Today (Wednesday) is a national Early Learning Day of Action. Arizona Child Care Assn. Director Bruce Liggett says the first years of a child’s life are critical for development, and for success later in life. Courtesy of ACCA.

PHOENIX - Today is a national Early Learning Day of Action, kicking off a campaign to draw attention to the benefits of early childhood education and to support additional funding at both the national and local levels. "Numerous studies have shown that children who are enrolled in high-quality earl ...Read More

PHOTO: Arkansas groups are part of a national

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Getting children off to a good start in school and life is the goal of today's "Early Learning Day of Action," in Arkansas and across the nation. President Obama says it's going to take more funding to get more toddlers into high-quality preschool programs, and he's suggesting a ...Read More

CONCORD, N.H. - The Social Security Trust Fund just issued its required annual report, and local advocates say it contains good news for hundreds of thousands in the Granite State - and not just older folks. The report indicates there is plenty of time - at least 20 years - to figure out ways to ke ...Read More

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