PNS Daily Newscast - July 9, 2020 

VP Pence backs Trump on getting kids back to school as U.S. coronavirus top 3 million: state lawmakers call for a "just" economic recovery.

2020Talks - July 8, 2020 

The Movement for Black Lives announces a new proposal to overhaul policing and invest in Black communities; NJ and DE have primary elections today; and some political candidates join in a Facebook advertising boycott.

Archive: August 19, 2013

PHOTO: The Virginia Education Association is blasting GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli's proposal to amend the constitution to allow public funding of religious schools. Photo credit: SC.GOV

RICHMOND, Va. - The debate over school choice is escalating in the Virginia governor's race. The state teacher's union has blasted Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli's proposals, which include charter schools, more parental control over failing schools, and a constitutional amendment that would cle ...Read More

Photo: PETCO will start educating consumers about the importance of buying aquacultured fish. Courtesy: Defenders of Wildlife.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The tides are turning for some types of saltwater fish popular with home aquarium keepers, thanks to a campaign by the largest pet retailer in the country. Petco is working with Defenders of Wildlife to reduce destructive fishing practices used to provide fish for their stores, a ...Read More

PHOTO: NH residents call for action on climate chance in Concord. Credit: Benton Strong

CONCORD, N.H. - New Hampshire is one of the states that should see job growth, according to a recently released (NRDC) report that focuses on the impact of new carbon-pollution rules proposed by the EPA. What's more, advocates say Granite Staters should also see a drop in their monthly power bill. C ...Read More

Tyson still using pig gestation crates - considered by many to be extremely inhumane. Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary.

BOSTON - In a proposal to Tyson Foods, shareholders are asking the company - one of the world's largest meat and poultry producers - to find a little humanity when it comes to the pigs it uses for pork production. The company has no plans to phase out the use of gestation crates, which keep female p ...Read More

DES MOINES, Iowa - The legislature approved moving from a county-by-county mental health system in Iowa to a regional system. The result was that when people moved from one county to another that county would have to shoulder the cost of the new residents. Lawmakers set aside $13 million to help cou ...Read More

The construction trade unions in the Northern Panhandle says their efforts to make sure West Virginia workers get the jobs in the Marcellus natural gas fields are bringing results, at least in part of the so-called midstream part of the industry.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The fight to put West Virginia workers in Marcellus jobs seems to be bringing results, at least in one big part of the natural-gas industry. Unions and companies in the midstream sector of the state's natural-gas boom say those jobs are now being filled by trained, well-paid West ...Read More

Measures such as restoring stream-side forests, special management techniques of fertilizers, and planting protective vegetation called cover crops on fields that grow crops in the summer but would otherwise be bare in the winter, take advantage of conservation programs in the Farm Bill.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Over a two-year period in Pennsylvania, farmers have managed 100,000 acres worth of on-farm practices that reduce polluted runoff from entering local streams and the Chesapeake Bay. Measures such as restoring stream-side forests, special management techniques of fertilizers, and pl ...Read More

LAS VEGAS - It's back to school today in many parts of Nevada, including Clark County (Las Vegas), where public school pupils will find about 1500 additional teachers in the classrooms. However, according to Nevada State Education Association President Ruben Murillo Jr., Clark County is still a co ...Read More

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