PNS Daily Newscast - June 4, 2020 

Four former Minneapolis police officers involved in the killing of George Floyd now face criminal charges; faith leaders call for action against racial injustice.

2020Talks - June 4, 2020 

The 2020 Census, delayed because of the new coronavirus, is ramping back up to provide an accurate count so, among other things, states can redraw districts for 2021 and 2022. Plus, national figures across the country decry President Trump's response to protests.

Archive: January 23, 2015

PHOTO: Gov. Mark Dayton is sharing more details about his pledge to create a

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Gov. Mark Dayton has vowed to make Minnesota a "state of educational excellence," and more than 800 leaders and advocates for children and youth will gather in St. Paul today to discuss ways to do that. An educated workforce is vital to the state's economic future, said Denise May ...Read More

PHOTO: A new study quantifies the value of the Colorado River to a variety of industries across the seven Basin states, and says it is directly linked to the health of Colorado’s economy. Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

DENVER - The health of the Colorado River is linked, in a big way, to the health of Colorado's economy. A new study from Arizona State University - the first of its kind to quantify the impact of potential water shortages by industry - found the river contributed more than $188 billion to Colorado ...Read More

PHOTO: Oregon's minimum wage may be higher than most states, but it still isn't enough to support a family. That's the premise of a Saturday 'Living Wage Rally' in Salem. Opponents of raising it say the minimum wage was never intended to support a family. Image credit: mybaitshop/

SALEM, Ore. - Taking a day off isn't something many of Oregon's low-wage workers can afford to do. But some say they can't afford not to weigh in on the living-wage debate in Salem. At noon on Saturday, a diverse group is expected to rally on the Statehouse steps in support of a minimum wage of $15 ...Read More

PHOTO: With more than half of Iowa farmland owned by people age 65 and older, a major transfer to a new generation is under way, leading to difficult choices for many farm families. Photo credit: Jo Naylor/Flickr.

AMES, Iowa - The historic transition of farmland to a new generation - one of the most sweeping changes ever for the state's rural landscape - is the focus as Practical Farmers of Iowa gather for their annual conference. To help prevent the loss of family farms and keep rural communities strong, sa ...Read More

GRAPHIC: A report from the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy recommends that tax breaks, which will cost the state $2.4 billion this year, be reviewed on a regular basis. Chart courtesy of the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy.

BOISE, Idaho - The 136 tax breaks on the books in Idaho should be reviewed, according to a new report. Using state numbers, the study from the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy estimated that $2.4 billion in tax breaks will be granted this year. Center director Lauren Necochea said many other states a ...Read More

PHOTO: It may look like fun, but such close proximity to exotic animals invites trouble, according to an undercover investigation of Virginia's Natural Bridge Zoo. In addition to human safety issues, investigators say they found evidence of animal neglect and abuse. Photo courtesy Humane Society of the United States.

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. - Abuse, neglect and unsanitary conditions are just a few of the terms used to describe the scene at a roadside zoo in Natural Bridge. The Humane Society of the United States says it conducted an undercover investigation at Natural Bridge Zoo, which displays exotic animals - pri ...Read More

GRAPHIC: This illustration is a hypothetical look at Miami's wet future. The possibility has sparked a Miami-Dade County plan to fight climate change. Image courtesy of Florida Center for Environmental Studies.

MIAMI - With more than 1,300 miles of low-lying coastline, Florida sticks out as one of the world's most vulnerable places to climate change and the sea-level rise that's a consequence of rising temperatures. According to a United Nations report last year, southeast Florida has the most to lose beca ...Read More

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