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PNS Daily Newscast - August 14, 2020 

Trump rebuffs Biden's call for a national mask mandate; nurses warn of risks of in-person school.

2020Talks - August 14, 2020 

Responses to President Trump's suggestion that he opposes more Postal Service funding in part to prevent expanded mail-in voting; and Puerto Rico's second try at a primary on Sunday.

Archive: October 19, 2015

The Outdoor Wood Boiler Replacement Program could help to clear the air in Indiana. Credit: Michael Hoy/Flickr

INDIANAPOLIS – A new grant opportunity is expected to clean up some of Indiana's smoky communities. A $500,000 dollar grant from the Outdoor Wood Boiler Replacement Program will fund the replacement of outdoor wood boilers, or OWBs, with solar, geothermal or combination systems. There are ...Read More

Good teacher training is considered fundamental to quality Pre-K programs. Credit: woodleywonderworks/

NEW YORK – It's quality that counts – that's what education advocates are saying about a recent study that found some children who attend Pre-K do worse by third grade. The study from Vanderbilt University found that children in Tennessee who went to Pre-K scored lower in second grade ...Read More

Texans who get unexpected medical bills after a visit to the hospital can now challenge those charges thanks to a new law on the books. Credit: AARP Texas
Available In Spanish

AUSTIN, Texas - Patients who get "surprise medical bills" after a trip to the hospital now have recourse, thanks to a new Texas law passed in the last session. Trey Berndt, associate director for advocacy with AARP Texas, says people can get bills they weren't expecting, for example, when outsour ...Read More

Ohio caseworkers help families struggling with opiate addiction, homelessness and other troubles.  <br />Courtesy: PCSAO

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Caseworkers tend to Ohio children in desperate times, but some people in the field say there are not enough of them available to meet the needs of families in crisis. Keisha Savage, a caseworker with Franklin County Children Services, explains that she and other caseworkers ...Read More

Identity theft can be a roadblock on the path to adulthood for foster children. Credit: Nikk/Flickr

LANSING, Mich. – Identity thieves don't discriminate when it comes to the age of their victims, and experts say foster children are a prime target for fraud. Angelique Day, who works with former foster youths at Wayne State University, says as foster children make their way through the child ...Read More

More than 1,500 graduate student employees and their supporters rallied for a union vote on the Yale campus last week. Courtesy: GESO/UNITE HERE

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Graduate student employees at Yale want the university to let them vote on forming a union. The graduate students are paid a stipend to teach many classes, staff university labs and perform other skilled work. Aaron Greenberg, co-chair of the Graduate Employee and Studen ...Read More

The AARP Foundation's Tax Aide program is looking for volunteers. Courtesy photo from AARP

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The AARP Foundation's Tax-Aide program is looking for volunteers and the folks who do it say it's fun and a great thing to do. Last year the program was at nearly 30 libraries, senior centers and other locations around the state. Hundreds of volunteers helped 27,000 low-and-mod ...Read More

Virginia's voting population is slowly changing, due to immigration and the rise of often excluded groups.

RICHMOND, Va. - With new voters migrating to the state, observers say Virginia is very gradually trending in a progressive direction. Jon Liss, co-executive director with New Virginia Majority, says more immigrants, people of color and other traditionally liberal voters help explain why Democrats h ...Read More

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