PNS Daily Newscast - July 7, 2020 

The U.S. Supreme Court rules against rogue 2016 Electoral College voters; SBA pandemic aid goes to companies that don't pledge to save or create jobs.

2020Talks - July 7, 2020 

Biden's climate change task force is making some progress; a federal judge orders the Dakota Access Pipeline shut down; and today sees elections in NJ and DE.

Archive: March 13, 2015

PHOTO: The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and other groups are concerned that TVA's 2015 Integrated Resource Plan doesn't go far enough for consumers or the environment. They also fear safety risks at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant. Photo credit: TVA

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Two steps forward, one step back. That's the evaluation by clean-energy groups of the Tennessee Valley Authority's annual plan released this week on how the federal utility will generate electricity in the future. Groups such as the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Southern ...Read More

PHOTO: Organizers say the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship program has become a major selling point for the city, attracting businesses and giving residents another incentive to stay in the city. Photo courtesy of V. Washington.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. - It's a big anniversary for the Kalamazoo Promise, as what is believed to be the nation's first community-based full tuition scholarship program turns 10. The 2005 announcement that a group of anonymous donors had pledged to pay full college tuition for all graduates of the Kalama ...Read More

PHOTO: As many schools have reduced the time spent on recess and physical education, after-school programs have stepped up their physical activity offerings for kids. Photo credit: dravenh/
Available In Spanish

SEATTLE - Some parents worry about what their kids are doing when they're unsupervised in the hours after school - but what they're not doing may also be of concern. According to a new report, for exercise and healthy food, an after-school program is a much better choice than leaving kids to fend f ...Read More

PHOTO: Cruel or fun? Protesters at this weekend's annual Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival say they believe the ostrich races are harmful to the animals and dangerous for human riders. Photo courtesy Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

CHANDLER, Ariz. - Racing ostriches is harmful to the animals and potentially dangerous to humans. That's the view of Tina Riedel, who is among the organizers of a protest planned at the 27th Annual Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival at Tumbleweed Park on Sunday. Riedel said there are concerns both f ...Read More

PHOTO: Those who decide to drive or have a family member get them to the hospital during a heart emergency may arrive sooner than via ambulance, but experts say it delays treatment, as it is time lost that could be used on diagnosis and preparing for treatment. Photo credit: le vent le cri/Flickr.

ST. PAUL, Minn. - It may seem like the quickest option, but taking a private vehicle to the hospital in case of a heart-related emergency actually delays the start of treatment compared with calling 9-1-1. In Minnesota, it's estimated that nearly half of the people who are experiencing an acute hea ...Read More

PHOTO: The acting head of the state's DCNR is receiving an award for helping Pennsylvanians connect to and protect the state's wild places. Photo credit: Beth Little.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Helping Pennsylvanians connect to and protect the state's wilderness has earned an award from a national conservation group for the acting head of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The National Wildlife Federation is honoring DCNR Acting Secretary ...Read More

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