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The U.S. now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country. Despite the pandemic, Election 2020 continues and states are making changes.

2020Talks - March 27, 2020 

3.3 million people reported being jobless last week, according to new Labor Department numbers. And Puerto Rico was supposed to hold primaries this weekend, though they pushed it back to late April, because of COVID-19.

Archive: July 16, 2015

AARP's Public Policy Institute estimates the national value of unpaid family care for loved ones rivals the $469 billion annual sales of the four major tech companies combined. Credit: Chris Kirzeder/Alzheimer's Association.

SEATTLE - Nearly 20 percent of people over age 25 juggle jobs while they provide care for a family member who is older or has a disability. AARP's new report on family caregiving outlines caregivers' health and career challenges. It says more than half of caregivers surveyed feel "overwhelmed" by ...Read More

About 459,000 Oregonians are unpaid family caregivers for loved ones. Nationally, AARP estimates the value of this care rivals Wal-Mart's annual sales. Credit: Chris Kirzeder/Alzheimer's Association.

SALEM, Ore. – AARP has just updated its research on family caregiving, and what it shows is no surprise – one in five people over the age of 25 juggles a job and family in order to care for older loved ones. The new Valuing the Invaluable report recommends strategies for workplace flexi ...Read More

A new survey shows a majority of voters of all political stripes like the idea of preserving sagebrush landscapes where Greater sage-grouse reside. Credit: U.S. Forest Service.

LANDER, Wy. – Westerners have a soft spot for greater sage-grouse, according to a new poll released today. A majority of voters surveyed in counties that are home to sage-grouse, support plans to conserve sagebrush habitat even if it includes some restrictions on energy development. Pollster ...Read More

PHOTO: This week marks Latino Conservation Week, and youth leaders from Colorado, Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico are preparing to gather in Denver to protect the Colorado River. The river contributes $1.4 trillion in economic activity, and two million jobs in Colorado. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

DENVER – Summer vacation means rolling up sleeves to protect the Colorado River for 25 Native American and Latino youth from five western states, including Colorado. They're part of a nonprofit called Nuestro Rio, which means "our river" in Spanish. On the heels of Latino Conservation Week, ...Read More

Young people from Western states gather for

LAS VEGAS - As part of "Latino Conservation Week," which is this week, young people from Nevada and several other Western states will gather to learn more about the incredible history and future challenges facing the Colorado River. Rosalia Salazar, a college student from Las Vegas, is among abou ...Read More

Salt Lake City, UT - People in Utah providing unpaid care for a family member, partner or friend make an economic contribution which is measured in the billions of dollars, according to a new report from AARP. Comments from Susan Reinhard, senior vice president, AARP Public Policy Institute; and Elaine Ryan, vice president, State Advocacy and Strategy Integration in AARP's Government Affairs group. Photo courtesy of AARP Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY - A report out today measures the huge economic contribution made by hundreds of thousands of people in Utah who act as caregivers for a family member, partner or friend. AARP's "Valuing the Invaluable" report shows that in a recent year 336,000 unpaid caregivers in the state provid ...Read More

PHOTO: A new report from AARP finds about 1.4 million family caregivers in Ohio provided nearly one million hours of unpaid care to their parents, spouses, partners and other adult loved ones in 2013. Photo credit: Kenn W. Kiser/Morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – More than 1.4 million Ohioans spend their days – and nights – responding to the needs of an older loved one. A new report from AARP's Public Policy Institute highlights the struggles these family caregivers face. Beth Hargreaves of Youngstown cares for her aging m ...Read More

The work being done by Minnesota's unpaid family caregivers is valued at nearly $8 billion a year. Credit: Fred Froese.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – There's still much to be done, but Minnesota is among a handful of states making progress to support the growing number of unpaid family caregivers. A new report from the AARP Public Policy Institute illustrates one recent change that's taking some of the burden off nearly 6 ...Read More

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