PNS Daily Newscast - July 10, 2020 

The Supreme Court opens the door for prosecutors to seek President Trump's financial records; a backlash in Florida on school reopening plans.

2020Talks - July 10, 2020 

US Supreme Court rules on Trump's tax returns; Houston mayor cancels Texas GOP's in-person convention; Louisiana has elections; and DC council gives people incarcerated for felonies the right to vote.

Archive: September 21, 2015

The loss of coal-industry jobs is a big part of widening prosperity gap between eastern Kentucky and rest of state. Credit: Greg Stotelmyer

BEREA, Ky. - While the U.S. Census Bureau's new numbers show Kentucky's poverty rate remains basically unchanged, one economic policy analyst says mining deeper into the numbers uncovers a much bigger problem facing the state's Appalachian coal region. Ashley Spalding, research and policy associa ...Read More

Despite massive bipartisan pushback in July when Wisconsin's Republican leadership introduced legislation to gut Wisconsin's Open Records Law, watchdog groups say there's been another push to keep legislative deliberations secret. Credit: zoranm/iStockphoto

MADISON, Wis. – Evidence uncovered by the Center for Media and Democracy shows that Wisconsin’s Republican leadership is still working on legislation to effectively gut the state's Open Records Law. When such legislation was first introduced in July, there was strong bipartisan pushbac ...Read More

Blighted properties can divide neighborhoods and hurt property values. Credit: drummerboy/Morguefile

COLUMBUS, Ohio – It's been years since the foreclosure crisis struck, yet dilapidated and abandoned houses can still be spotted on many Ohio streets. A new report from Policy Matters Ohio says these blighted properties can divide neighborhoods and hurt property values. William Whitney, chi ...Read More

Ricky Lewis, founder of the Idaho Foster Youth Advisory Board, says transitional housing is needed to ensure young people are on a path to success. Credit: Lewis

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Children in the Idaho foster care system age out at 18, which means unless they and their foster family agree the care will continue until age 21, the young people have to move out. Ricky Lewis in Coeur d'Alene knows the perils of that transition time well. He tr ...Read More

An Illinois lawmaker says the death penalty should be reinstated for heinous crimes.  Credit: DodgertonSkillhause/Morguefile

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Will the death penalty be coming back to Illinois? There have been no executions since 2000, when a moratorium was put in place by Gov. George Ryan, and capital punishment was eventually abolished in 2011. Democratic state Sen. Bill Haine has said he intends to file legislati ...Read More

The swift fox, tiniest fox in North America at 5 pounds, is thought to have made a comeback in Montana based on images like this from remote wildlife cameras. Credit: Kylie Paul/Defenders of Wildlife

BROWNING, Mont. – They're cute and they're back in Montana. The tiny swift fox that weighs in at about 5 pounds appears to be thriving in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation region. Remote wildlife cameras have captured images of the animal. The swift fox disappeared from Montana in the 195 ...Read More

Energy and environmental experts met in Albuquerque last week to address methane pollution in advance of new EPA regulations. Credit: Versevend/iStockphoto

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Leaders from the energy industry met with government officials, environmental activists and utility experts last week to find a way to put a cap on methane emissions in New Mexico. The Environmental Protection Agency is considering regulations for methane pollution, a byproduct ...Read More

Indiana ranked last among states in voter turnout in 2014. Credit: jdurham/Morguefile

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana's November election is fast approaching, as is the voting registration deadline of Oct. 5. Erin Kelley, co-president, League of Women Voters of Indiana, says voter registration is crucial to civic engagement. But she explains Indiana's voter turnout is notoriously poor, rank ...Read More

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