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PNS Daily Newscast - September 25, 2020 

Democrats reported to be preparing a smaller pandemic relief package; vote-by-mail awaits a court decision in Montana.

2020Talks - September 25, 2020 

Senators respond to President Donald Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. And, former military and national security officials endorse Joe Biden.

Archive: January 21, 2016

Minnesota housing advocates are asking state lawmakers to consider investments in housing and services for low-income residents. (iStockphoto)

ST. PAUL, Minn. - With thousands of families facing homelessness in Minnesota, a group of affordable-housing advocates are kicking off a campaign in St. Paul today to help with the statewide problem. The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless reports about 14,000 Minnesotans don't have a home. Ab ...Read More

The American Heart Association and other organizations are trying to pass legislation in Wisconsin to ensure all students learn compression-only CPR. (

OAK CREEK, Wis. - Lieutenant Scott Kasten of the Oak Creek Fire Department is a paramedic who says he's seen many times first-hand how important it is for people to know CPR. The American Heart Association is pushing for legislation that would ensure all Wisconsin students learn basic compressions-o ...Read More

Within 12 hours of quitting smoking blood oxygen levels return to normal. (rollingroscoe/Morguefile)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The addictive nature of nicotine makes kicking the habit extremely difficult, and some Ohioans who resolved to quit smoking in 2016 may have already thrown in the towel. But cessation experts say it's important to keep trying. According to the Centers for Disease Control a ...Read More

The House bill was presented at a hearing Wednesday. (Washington Education Association)

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington owes $16 million in fines, and will owe $100,000 more a day until the Washington legislature agrees on a school funding plan. To stop the hemorrhaging, not to mention getting out of being in contempt of court, lawmakers are considering a bipartisan solution. Rep ...Read More

Almost 3,300 people died in fires last year, many of whom might have been saved if smoke detectors were working (kconnors/morguefile)

BALTIMORE – A house fire that took the lives of the twin toddlers and their grandparents in Prince George's County serves as a grim reminder of the fire danger we face. On average, nine people die in fires every day in the United States. The National Fire Protection Association says things ...Read More

Jonathan Jimenez says the DACA program allows him to legally attend Queens College and get a driver's license. He is hopeful the U.S. Supreme Court uphold's President Obama's executive action extending deportation relief to 4 million Americans. (A. Alarcon)

JACKSON HEIGHTS, N.Y. - An undocumented New York student is one of many cheering the Supreme Court decision to hear a high-stakes immigration case. Jonathan Jimenez was born in Ecuador and came to New York in 2000 when he was five years old. He is now legally attending Queens College, because he ...Read More

North Carolina voters will have the chance to weigh in on the Connect NC bond referendum on the March 15 primary ballot. (kconnors/

RALEIGH, N.C. – In less than two months at the March 15th primary, North Carolina voters will have their say on a bond referendum that supporters say would offer much-needed funding for the university and community college systems, National Guard, state parks and water and sewer systems. The ...Read More

Students spend the equivalent of two-thirds of a school year, on average, playing with devices instead of paying attention to professors, according to a new report. (iStock)

CHEYENNE, Wy. - College students spend more class time than ever playing with their smartphones and other digital devices, according to a new University of Nebraska report. The study, which surveyed 675 students in 26 states, found on average students check their phones during class more than 11 t ...Read More

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