PNS Daily Newscast - July 7, 2020 

The U.S. Supreme Court rules against rogue 2016 Electoral College voters; SBA pandemic aid goes to companies that don't pledge to save or create jobs.

2020Talks - July 7, 2020 

Biden's climate change task force is making some progress; a federal judge orders the Dakota Access Pipeline shut down; and today sees elections in NJ and DE.

Archive: February 4, 2016

A new report shows states that expanded Medicaid coverage lowered costs, increased revenues and reduced the number of workers without health insurance. (Candice Harrison/Wikimedia Commons)

CHEYENNE, Wy. - As Wyoming works to resolve a nearly $217 million budget shortfall, a new report shows states that expanded Medicaid coverage lowered costs, increased revenues and reduced the number of workers without health insurance. Comments from Bri Jones, executive director, Equality State Poli ...Read More

The ET Rover Pipeline would run through Clover Meadow Farm in Wayne County. (OEFFA)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – There are fears that two proposed pipelines, which would run through Ohio, will threaten the livelihood of some Ohio farmers. The proposed Nexus and ET Rover pipelines would transport gas obtained from Ohio hydraulic fracturing operations through Michigan and up to Canada. ...Read More

Nevada has seen a big drop in the percentage of Hispanic children who are uninsured, thanks to Medicaid expansion and outreach events across the state. (Ramirez Group)
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CARSON CITY, Nev. – Nevada has the best record in the country when it comes to reducing the percentage of uninsured Hispanic children, according to a new report. The study, called Historic Gains in Health Coverage for Hispanic Children in the Affordable Care Act's First Year, is from the Geo ...Read More

Some experts predict the outcome of Michigan's primary will impact an impact on the nominees for the 2016 presidential race. (Steve Bott/Flickr)

LANSING, Mich. – The 2016 presidential race is heating up, with close finishes for both parties this week at the Iowa caucuses. And now Michigan will be in the spotlight just days before its presidential primary. The Democratic National Committee on Wednesday announced a debate between Hi ...Read More

The Idaho Democratic Caucus is making some changes this year. (vepar5/iStockphotos)

BOISE, Idaho - With the Iowa caucuses fresh in people's minds the Democratic Party is making some big changes in the Idaho presidential caucus. The changes are designed to increase the state's influence and raise the number of people who attend the caucus. The Democratic National Committee has aw ...Read More

Federal Fish and Wildlife Service officials say two endangered Mexican wolves died during annual capture-and-count operations this year. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

PHOENIX - Two endangered Mexican wolves were accidentally killed in January during federal wildlife officials' annual capture-and-count operations in Arizona and New Mexico. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has called a temporary halt to the counting program while officials determine what went wro ...Read More

Some farmers in New York say a hike in the minimum wage would wipe out their profits. (Javier Ramos/

ALBANY, N.Y. – Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposal to raise New York's minimum wage to $15 an hour is praised by many. But the New York Farm Bureau says that kind of hike would plunge state farming businesses into the ground and cost an estimated $500 million in additional annual labor expenses. ...Read More

Wildlife-conservation groups say proposed new rules for marine mammal parks could make the animals' lives worse, not better. (aconant/morguefile)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Wildlife groups are protesting new federal rules designed to improve conditions for captive marine mammals in places such as Sea World in San Antonio, saying the rule could weaken some existing protections. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released a proposal to further r ...Read More

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