PNS Daily Newscast - July 6,2020 

Today is the final day to register to vote in Arizona's primary election; the FDA declines to back Trump claim that 99% of coronavirus cases are "harmless."

2020Talks - July 6, 2020 

This year's July 4th had COVID-19, ongoing protests about systemic racism, and a presidential visit to Mt. Rushmore. Plus, Trump signed an order to plan a new statue park.

Archive: March 11, 2016

Some Illinois lawmakers are considering requiring a lawyer to be present for youths who are interrogated by police. (iStockphoto)

CHICAGO - Young people accused of crimes in Illinois soon could have new protections that their advocates believe will help cut down on false confessions. State lawmakers are in Chicago today discussing Senate Bill 2370, which would extend the right to a lawyer to youths ages 13 to 17 who are in po ...Read More

Indiana was able to set 1,330 acres aside last year for wildlife habitat with federal wildlife restoration money. (Lorie Tuter)

INDIANAPOLIS - Money from taxes on guns, ammunition and fishing equipment is being doled out to all 50 states to be used to help protect fishing, hunting and wildlife areas. Indiana's share is close to $17 million. Over the past several years, said Jim Hodgson, Midwestern Division chief for the Wil ...Read More

A bill being considered in Missouri would authorize the sale at auction of newly acquired state park land along the Eleven Point River. (Missouri State Parks)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri lawmakers are considering a bill that would force the state to sell about 4,200 acres of land at auction. It isn't just any parcel; it was intended to be part of a new state park proposal, and the Eleven Point River flows through it. According to the legislation, if n ...Read More

The Zika virus, spreading in the Caribbean and Latin America, is linked to birth defects and paralysis. (Pixabay)

COLUMBUS, Ohio - It's spring break season in Ohio, and the state's health leaders are advising those with plans to migrate south to take precautions to protect themselves from the Zika virus. The virus, spreading in the Caribbean and Latin America, is linked to birth defects and paralysis, and now ...Read More

The conservation group Advocates for Snake Preservation is trying to stop the mass killing of rattlesnakes at roundup festivals each spring across the South and Southwest. (Wikimedia Commons)

SWEETWATER, Texas - A group of conservation biologists is working to stop the wholesale killing of rattlesnakes each spring at numerous roundup festivals across the South and Southwest. The nonprofit Advocates for Snake Preservation has argued that there is no science to support the belief that rou ...Read More

A new poll shows a majority of Colorado voters who live in the heart of Gunnison sage-grouse range favor Endangered Species Act protections. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.)

DENVER - More than a year after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the Gunnison sage-grouse as "threatened," a new poll shows a majority of Colorado voters across the political spectrum support federal protections for the birds. Mark Salvo, director of landscape conservation for Defenders of ...Read More

Brunner Island is the only coal–fired power plant in Pennsylvania without NOX controls. (Wendi Taylor and Cece Viti/Sierra Club)

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Environmental groups say state regulators are letting the largest source of smog-causing nitrogen-oxide in southeastern Pennsylvania continue to pollute the air. The pollution protections finalized Thursday by the state's Independent Regulatory Review Commission do not require the ...Read More

Low wages cost Connecticut $486 million for Medicaid and other benefits. (Benjamin G. Robinson/Wikimedia Commons)

HARTFORD, Conn. - Connecticut lawmakers are looking at a bill that could help recover the cost of support services for low-wage workers. The state pays more than $480 million a year in Medicaid and other benefits for workers who don't earn enough to get by at low-paying jobs. This week, the General ...Read More

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