PNS Daily Newscast - February 20, 2020 

Six Democratic presidential contenders face off in Nevada; and ballot security issues in play.

2020Talks - February 19, 2020 

Tonight's the Las Vegas debate, ahead of this weekend's Nevada caucuses. Some candidates are trying to regain the spotlight and others are trying to keep momentum.

Archive: August 1, 2016

Female politicians in Indiana hope more women become inspired to take on leadership roles in government. (

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana doesn't have a good track record when it comes to electing women to political office, and advocates hope the Democratic Party’s nomination of Hillary Clinton to run for president will bring a change to the Hoosier State's political makeup. Indiana ranks 34th in t ...Read More

Minnesota workers rally for a minimum wage raise in March 2013. (Minnesota AFL-CIO)

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Starting today, more than 280,000 Minnesotans will see bigger paychecks thanks to the state's new minimum wage increase. The 50 cent wage bump goes into effect today for large employers who will now have to pay workers at least $9.50 an hour. For smaller businesses, the wag ...Read More

AARP is one group that believes the presidential candidates aren't saying enough about what they'd do to update Social Security and ensure its future. (

AMES, Iowa — Nearly one-third of people over age 65 in Iowa rely on Social Security as their sole source of income, and more than 60 percent depend on it for at least half of their income. A recent report from the Social Security Administration shows that the program will be in jeopardy with ...Read More

A couple of groups have come forward in opposition to six large broiler chicken houses proposed for the Strawberry River Watershed. (

EVENING SHADE, Ark. – A lawsuit could be filed before summer wraps up over plans to build a new poultry plant in Northeast Arkansas. The Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Arkansas Rights Koalition (ARK) have sent a letter to the Farm Service Agency, the Small Business Administration and the ...Read More

Peabody Energy is working to return its Rawhide Mine back to hills covered with prairie grass. (Pixabay)

GILLETTE, Wyo. – Peabody Energy workers are busy planting prairie grass above the company's Rawhide Mine. Peabody officials say it's an effort to reduce future cleanup liabilities, estimated at $1.2 billion. But after Wyoming regulators agreed to limit Peabody's exposure to almost 15 cents ...Read More

Ohio's 2016 Sales Tax Holiday could help ease the pocketbook pain of back-to-school shopping. <br />(Nick Amoscato/Flickr)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio families might want to wait a few more days before stocking up on notebooks, pencils and other back-to-school items; Ohio will have a sales tax holiday Aug. 5-7. State Tax Commissioner Joe Testa said the goal of the program is to help Ohio families keep some money in th ...Read More

North Carolina voters will not have to have a voter ID at the polls this November, after a federal appeals court ruling on Friday. (Morguefile)

RALEIGH, N.C. — A federal court struck down North Carolina's voter ID law and other changes put into place by lawmakers in 2013. The decision means voters will not be required to provide photo ID at the polls this November. Mary Klenz, co-president with the League of Women Voters of North Car ...Read More

Online scammers squeezed more than $8oo million from Americans last year. (

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland residents fall victim to scammers every day, and AARP hopes to head off internet crooks before they have the chance to strike. The organization will be focusing on fraud during the month of August, addressing some of the most common tools scammers use to access sensit ...Read More

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