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PNS Daily Newscast - November 27, 2020. 

A call on state congressional delegations to speed COVID-19 economic relief; a gap in trapping pollution impacts communities of color.

2020Talks - November 25, 2020 

CORRECTED 2:30pm MST 11/25 - Linda Thomas-Greenfield would be the second Black woman in US UN Ambassador role, Susan Rice was the first. Biden nominees speak; how can social media spread less misinformation and be less polarizing. *2020Talks will not be released 11/26 & 11/27*

Archive: August 4, 2016

In Washington state, police officers killed 213 people between 2005 and 2014. (Tiffany Von Arnim/Flickr)

SEATTLE – Critics say it is nearly impossible to charge a police officer who has used deadly force in the State of Washington, and the group Washington for Good Policing wants to change that. Its members are collecting signatures for Initiative 873, which would strike what they see as the mo ...Read More

Colorado commercial building owners and occupants could save over $170 million in utility bills if the EPA's Clean Power Plan is fully implemented. (Pixabay)

DENVER – City skylines have long been a symbol of innovation and prosperity, but skyscrapers are also big sources of climate pollution. According to a new study by the Georgia Institute of Technology, cities are positioned to lower CO2 emissions and utility bills for businesses if the Enviro ...Read More

Adoption of the Clean Power Plan will save Bay State businesses tens of millions of dollars, according to a new report from the Georgia Institute of Technology. (Boston Water and Sewer Commission).

BOSTON – A new report shows retail and office buildings could save big bucks by implementing efficiency measures to help the Bay State comply with the Clean Power Plan. The report from the Georgia Institute of Technology finds retail buildings could save $44 million by the year 2030 and offi ...Read More

Implementing the Clean Power Plan could save cities such as Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville money they could then use to fund programs supporting education and transportation. (Thomas Hawk/

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It isn't just individual consumers who could benefit from President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan. Cities such as Nashville, and businesses around the Volunteer State, also could see substantial savings, according to a study released this week by the Georgia Institute of ...Read More

Consumers who use public wireless networks often put sensitive personal information at risk. (Pixabay)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Using public wireless networks to check bank accounts, shop and even log into social media accounts could put sensitive personal information in jeopardy, according to new AARP survey. Frank Abagnale, an ambassador with AARP Fraud Watch Network, has been associated with the F ...Read More

Illinois officials suspended overtime restrictions affecting about 8,000 Illinois home-care workers the same day as a class-action lawsuit was to be filed over the rules. (iStockphoto)

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Gov. Bruce Rauner reversed course on a no-overtime policy for workers who care for people living with disabilities, and advocates say it's a victory. The decision from the Illinois Department of Human Services came just hours before SEIU Healthcare Illinois planned to fil ...Read More

There are about 1,100 Marbled Murrelets left in Oregon, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service numbers from 2014. (Martin Raphael/U.S. Forest Service)

PORTLAND, Ore. — After a year-long review of more than 1.5 million acres of critical habitat for the marbled murrelet in Oregon, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined the habitat is still integral to the species' long-term survival. The marbled murrelet, a small, potato-shaped seabi ...Read More

Buildings account for almost 75 percent of New York City carbon emissions. (Anthony Quintano/

NEW YORK — The Obama administration's Clean Power Plan was finalized one year ago, and a new report said that the plan could provide big benefits for businesses. Commercial customers are responsible for nearly one-third of all electricity-related carbon pollution nationwide. According to Dr. ...Read More

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