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PNS Daily Newscast - November 25, 2020 

Feeding hungry families, on Thanksgiving and beyond; and is that turkey really from a family farm? (Note to Broadcasters: The newscast has been granted a holiday for Thanksgiving, but we'll return first thing Friday.)

2020Talks - November 25, 2020 

CORRECTED 2:30pm MST 11/25 - Linda Thomas-Greenfield would be the second Black woman in US UN Ambassador role, Susan Rice was the first. Biden nominees speak; how can social media spread less misinformation and be less polarizing. *2020Talks will not be released 11/26 & 11/27*

Archive: October 19, 2020

Mortality rates are down, but cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease in U.S. children ages 1-19. (

AUSTIN, Texas -- Cancer is the leading cause of death among children, despite advances in treatment. David Levine, cofounder and president of the American Sustainable Business Council, leads an effort to encourage policymakers to address the environmental causes of childhood cancers. He said elect ...Read More

Nevada election officials have encouraged voters to return ballots by mail early, to ensure delivery by the U.S. Postal Service. (prettysleepy/Pixabay)

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Nevadans were out in force over the weekend, many arriving several hours before polls opened for early voting. Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in Nevada, where the average number of newly identified COVID-19 cases is more than double what it was in mid-Septe ...Read More

Research has shown spending time in nature during early childhood can shape a person's views and enjoyment of the outdoors into adulthood. (Adobe Stock)

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Environmental advocates and outdoor enthusiasts across the state are focusing on inclusion and diversity in hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Despite wanting to experience nature, many people of color may not have the opportunity to explore Kentucky's numerous trails, ...Read More

Families with children between age 12 and 20 facing serious, life-threatening health circumstances can sign up for a special hunting program at (Muley Fanatic Foundation)

GREEN RIVER, Wyo. -- Last month, Emma Decker, a 16-year-old high school junior in Mountain View, was able to do something she thought she may not ever be able to do again: hunt. Thanks to the Muley Fanatic Foundation's "Putting the U in Hunt" program, Decker, a self-described hunter since the age of ...Read More

Algal blooms from nitrogen pollution kill fish, close beaches and endanger public health. (Brandon Seidel/Adobe Stock)

COLD SPRING HARBOR, N.Y. -- Long Island has taken major steps to reduce nitrogen pollution that seeps into groundwater and is discharged into surrounding waters. New technology at the Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant in Nassau County will reduce nitrogen going into the Western Bays by 5,000 poun ...Read More

A national report says among students ages 12 to 18 who reported being bullied at school, 15% were bullied online or by text. (Adobe Stock)

MINNEAPOLIS -- Distance learning is the new norm right now for many American students. And a Minnesota-based group encourages parents to remain vigilant about detecting online bullying. October is National Bullying Prevention month, and experts say it's a good reminder for parents to check in with ...Read More

So far, the IRS says it's issued about 160 million direct stimulus payments to Americans. (Adobe Stock)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- More than 110,000 Tennessee residents have yet to receive their stimulus payments, according to data from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. More than $100 million could be left unclaimed if residents don't file their taxes. Coordinator of the Volunteer Income Tax Ass ...Read More

Across the country, healthcare providers are helping patients register to vote or request mail-in ballots. (Adobe Stock)

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Some medical schools, clinics and community health centers in North Carolina are now giving patients the option to register to vote, check to see if they are registered to vote or request a mail-in ballot. The nationwide initiative, known as "Vot-ER" aims to boost voter registratio ...Read More

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