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PNS Daily Newscast - December 2, 2020 

COVID cases spike in WV jails; Gov. Justice urged to follow guidelines. And the feds investigate an alleged bribery-for-presidential-pardon scheme.

2020Talks - December 2, 2020 

Trump's allies refuse to stop challenging the election results, despite federal investigators saying no fraud occurred.

Archive: March 12, 2020

Nebraska increased funding for corrections by 290% between 1985 and 2016, outpacing other state investments like higher education, which grew by just 57% in the same time period. (Pxfuel)

LINCOLN, Neb. -- As Nebraska lawmakers consider a proposal to build a new prison to address the state's overcrowded corrections population, reform advocates say there are solid alternatives at work in other states. Nebraska officials have until July to reduce prison numbers from as high as 200% of ...Read More

There are currently more than 230 food co-ops operating in the United States. (Adobe Stock)  There are currently more than 230 food co-ops operating in the United States. (Adobe Stock)

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Local grocery store chains are rapidly disappearing across the country, either bought up by large corporations or squeezed out of business by retailers such as Walmart, Target and Amazon. Some critics say that's a problem for local food producers, other local businesses and worke ...Read More

People will first have a chance to fill out census forms online or by mail, before workers begin knocking on doors in May to collect information from those who haven't responded. (Adobe Stock)

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- In the coming weeks, North Carolinians will have a chance to fill out their U.S. Census forms online or by mail. Cities across the state are working to ensure that groups that have traditionally been harder to count, including toddlers, immigrant families and kinship families, ...Read More

Consumer spending in the U.S. accounts for roughly 70% of economic growth, making the new coronavirus and associated disruptions in the global supply chain a significant risk to the U.S. economy. (alex80/Pixabay)

SANTA FE, N.M. -- New Mexico announced its first presumptive positive COVID-19 infections on Wednesday, the first confirmed cases in the state. But as the virus spreads, many Americans with symptoms may not stay home from work because they don't have paid sick leave. The Centers for Disease Cont ...Read More

House Democrats in Congress have proposed a 5-year, reauthorizing $760 billion in infrastructure spending and a plan for how the money would be spent. (batya/Adobe Stock)

ALTOONA, Pa. -- Mayors, councilmembers and other local elected officials were in Washington this week to talk about their agenda for this presidential election year. More than 2,000 officials attended the National League of Cities' Congressional City Conference. Their list of priorities for fede ...Read More

People with diseases or on medications that compromise their immune systems are more vulnerable to the new coronavirus known as COVID-19. ( Stock)

NEW YORK -- Advocates for people with disabilities say the new coronavirus can be especially dangerous to the communities they serve. People with disabilities such as lupus or HIV/AIDS have compromised immune systems. Some medications may lower resistance to infections, and the incidence of lung d ...Read More

Naloxone works by blocking the effects of opiates on the brain and restoring a person's breathing. (Adobe Stock)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- More than 50 restaurants, gas stations and other local businesses in Charleston now stock naloxone and have trained their employees how to use it to reverse an opioid overdose. Sarah Stone is co-founder of the volunteer group behind the effort, known as Solutions Oriented Addi ...Read More

Fraud experts warn people should be suspicious of folks claiming to have a cure for the coronavirus. (sergio santos/Flickr)

HELENA, Mont. -- Fears about the new coronavirus are creating opportunities for scammers, fraud experts warn. AARP Montana State President Alex Ward says fraudsters play on fear and other emotions to steal money. He says it's important to be suspicious of anyone asking for money right now, notin ...Read More

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