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PNS Daily Newscast - August 3, 2020 

Negotiations to resume today on a COVID-19 relief package; advocates brace for surge in homeless Americans.

2020Talks - August 3, 2020 

Concerns about U.S. Postal Service delays and voter intimidation from voting rights advocates. Plus, Joe Biden calls for emergency housing legislation.

Archive: March 24, 2020

One in 10 Kentucky adults has been told he or she has pre-diabetes. (Adobe Stock)

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. -- It's estimated that 1 in 4 Kentuckians has undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes. Local prevention programs across the state are working to help residents control their blood sugar and decrease their risk for diabetes-related complications - especially amid the growing coronavirus pandemic ...Read More

Some Missouri school districts are offering grab-and-go lunches to students while classes are out. (AdobeStock)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- The coronavirus may have shut down schools in Missouri, but it's not stopping efforts to ensure kids have access to nutritious foods during the day. According to Missouri Kids Count data, roughly 17% of Missouri children are food insecure, meaning they are unsure where their ...Read More

Health centers already facing fiscal hurdles with the increase in the uninsured population and a drop in Medicaid enrollment over the past 12-18 months are facing even bigger challenges with COVID-19. (Public Domain Pictures)

DENVER -- Colorado's community health centers have done a complete refiguring of their health delivery models in response to the COVID-19 crisis, and are set to take an enormous hit in their ability to continue to provide care if Congress doesn't approve critical funding. Polly Anderson, vice pres ...Read More

Construction firms and other industries have been donating key supplies to hospitals in response to the pandemic, but health agencies say the federal government needs to do more to increase access to protective gear. (Adobe Stock)

MADISON, Wis. -- Health care workers from Wisconsin and around the country are worried about having to stretch key resources as they help patients infected with the new coronavirus. The supply situation varies from state-to-state and hospital systems within each state. John Brady is a union offici ...Read More

Mask-maker groups are spreading on Facebook as people stuck at home search for ways to help in the COVID-19 crisis. (Shelley Blume/Coachella Valley Mask Makers)

PALM DESERT, Calif. -- Local groups are springing up across the state to produce homemade face masks for medical providers if they run out of the real thing. But some experts say the masks may do more harm than good. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on its website that health ca ...Read More

Connecticut residents are sewing face masks in anticipation of a shortage because of COVID-19. (Adobe Stock)

HARTFORD, Ct. -- Groups are springing up across Connecticut to sew face masks at home to be donated to hospitals, but some experts warn they will not protect from COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website says health care providers can use bandanas and other homemade masks ...Read More

Some cattle producers want the federal government to restore country-of-origin labeling to help their long-term economic prospects. (USDA NRCS Montana/Flickr)

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Already facing issues in the marketplace, ranchers and cattle farmers also are getting hit by the COVID-19 outbreak. Billings-based group R-CALF USA, which represents independent cattle producers, is speaking with members of Congress and has sent an emergency letter to President ...Read More

Unlike cloth masks, N95 masks are form-fitting and filter out fine particles. (Adobe Stock)

NEW YORK -- A petition with more than a quarter-million signatures has been sent to Congress demanding regulations to keep health care workers safe as they treat COVID-19 patients. Nurses say they need filtering respirators to keep them safe from infection by the novel coronavirus. But facing a na ...Read More

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