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PNS Daily News - October 23, 2020 

President Trump and Joe Biden square off in their final debate; warnings that "dark days" of the pandemic are yet to come; and food assistance now available for some wildfire victims.

2020Talks - October 23, 2020 

The second and last presidential debate was much more controlled than the first; President Trump keeping to his main themes, calmly rebutted by Biden.

Archive: April 29, 2020

Faith leaders say not all churches have online donation platforms, leaving them at a disadvantage as parishioners in most states are asked to stay home during the pandemic. (Adobe Stock)

MINNEAPOLIS -- Churches across Minnesota are feeling the impact of the economic downturn created by the pandemic. Smaller parishes with no online presence face an even greater challenge in weathering the storm. In states with stay-at-home orders, churches can't pass the collection plate on Sunday. ...Read More

One in six coronavirus patients in Oregon is a health-care worker. (Mikhaylovskiy/Adobe Stock)

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oregon hospital workers are on the front lines during the COVID-19 crisis, and some remain financially vulnerable as well. A new analysis from Service Employees International Union Local 49 found that the median pay for one in five Oregon hospital workers isn't a living wage. Of 6 ...Read More

May 15 is the final day of the Missouri General Assembly's 2020 regular session, but the budget must be approved a week earlier. (Robert Stinnett/Flickr)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Supporters of the "Clean Missouri" amendment say the final weeks of the 2020 Legislature should not be focused on an effort to overturn the will of voters. After being sidelined by the COVID-19 outbreak, lawmakers are back in Jefferson City to tackle the state budget ahead of ...Read More

Around 40% of Kentuckians voted in the November 2019 gubernatorial election. (Adobe Stock)

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- If Kentuckians are able to cast their ballots for president in person this fall, they'll need a valid form of photo ID. Critics point out that, with government and other ID-issuing office closures because of the coronavirus pandemic, the move is likely to cripple voter turnout. De ...Read More

Some of the new solar farms in Virginia are being constructed by a company that the United Nations says has exploited Palestinian natural resources overseas. (Adobe Stock)

RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia's new Clean Economy Act is paving the way for a burst of solar installations in the Commonwealth. But the United Nations has designated one of the solar providers as a human-rights violator. Caden-Energix plans to build eight solar installations in Virginia worth a half-bi ...Read More

People who advocate for income-based water rates see the current moratorium on water shutoffs in Michigan as only a temporary fix for lower-income households. (Becker1999/Flickr)

LANSING, Mich. -- The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified water-access issues for low-income families in Michigan, and a new report reveals that a hotly debated remedy is possible under state law. In response to years of ever-increasing water rates and shutoffs, consumer advocates in Michigan have call ...Read More

About 40% of Navajo Nation households don't have running water, and many of the filling stations they use to get water have closed during the pandemic. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

SANTA FE, N.M. -- After New York and New Jersey, the place with the highest coronavirus infection rate in the United States is the Navajo Nation. Long-standing problems within the Nation have contributed to the spread of COVID-19 in mostly rural tribal areas of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Many ho ...Read More

This Friday, 77 out of Iowa's 99 counties will see restrictions relaxed for certain businesses that were shutdown by the pandemic. (Adobe Stock)

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa officials say furloughed workers who resist calls to return to their jobs during the pandemic run the risk of losing their unemployment benefits. The warning comes amid some workers' fears of becoming infected as economic activity picks up again. Later this week, Gov. Kim R ...Read More

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