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PNS Daily Newscast - October 22, 2020 

DNI Ratcliffe labels an email spoofing scam using Proud Boys as designed to damage Trump; CT Attorney General not buying feds' Purdue Pharma settlement.

2020Talks - October 22, 2020 

Obama makes his first live appearance on the campaign trail. And security agencies conclude that deceptive emails sent to some voters are foreign interference from Iran.

Archive: August 19, 2020

A new NEPA rule change drastically reduces the environmental review of many types of major construction projects being proposed. (Adobe Stock)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit arguing that the Trump administration has sped through an industry-friendly rewrite of the National Environmental Policy Act. As one of the nation's first major environmental laws, NEPA requires that any construction project proposed on f ...Read More

Les Johnson with ARCHS helped to create the STL Neighborhood Healing Network, which officially launches next week. (ARCHS)

ST. LOUIS -- As local and state leaders look to curb crime in the St. Louis area, a new initiative is focused on healing the trauma spurred by violence. There already have been more homicides in St. Louis in 2020 than all of last year, and the lives lost include 15 children. Les Johnson, vice presi ...Read More

Since 2016, the number of U.S. farms relying on H-2A visa guest workers has increased. (Adobe Stock)

EL DORADO, Ark. -- An Arkansas farm labor contractor is facing a lawsuit for allegedly stealing the wages of around 2,000 migrant workers. Lowry Farms Inc. brought the guest workers to the United States to plant sugar cane on farms throughout Louisiana. Anne Janet Hernandez Anderson, senior staff a ...Read More

The U.S. Postal Service works with local election officials to ensure the security of mailed-in ballots. (Lucid_Exposure/Adobe Stock)

LIVINGSTON, Mont. -- The U.S. Postal Service has warned Montana and other states that ballots may not arrive in time to be counted in the November election, raising alarms that voters could be disenfranchised. But one post office worker says folks should put more faith in the Postal Service. Robin ...Read More

One in six Americans have past-due medical bills on their credit reports, according to a study published in Health Affairs. (Adobe Stock)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Three in four Kentuckians are worried about affording health care, according to a new statewide poll that also found dissatisfaction with the current health-care system on both sides of the political aisle. More than 90% of surveyed Kentuckians said they support expanding health-i ...Read More

Civil-rights and education groups say the coronavirus pandemic should not be employed as an excuse to reduce data collection on school-related civil-rights issues. (AndreaKoch/Pixabay)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Since 1968, public schools have relied on data gathered by the U.S. Department of Education to address racial disparities. But watchdog groups worry that COVID-19 is being used as an excuse to limit the data collection. Liz King, director of education equity at the Leadership C ...Read More

Wisconsin law doesn't require schools to have a nurse on duty, but in the pandemic, many in the education community say funding should be provided for school districts that can't afford one. (Adobe Stock)

MAPLE, Wis. -- Many rural school districts in Wisconsin indicate they will offer some form of in-person learning this fall. As they implement safety precautions during the pandemic, a number of districts also lack the resources to have full-time nurses. In the latest survey by the Wisconsin Rural S ...Read More

Most Arizona schools are reopening with students at home taking online classes, but districts still are required to provide free or reduced-cost meals for pickup by students who qualify for them. (Jannoon028/Adobe Stock)

TEMPE, Ariz. -- As many Arizona schools reopen this week with online classes, school meals are among the logistical concerns putting a strain on district budgets. Schools must make free or reduced-cost breakfasts and lunches available to students who qualify. Most districts are packaging the meals ...Read More

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