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PNS Daily Newscast - October 19, 2920 

Trailing Biden in Nevada, Trump holds a jam-packed Carson City rally. And with COVID a major election issue, hospitals help patients register to vote.

2020Talks - October 19, 2020 

Litigation is ongoing on ballot receipt deadlines, witness signatures and drop boxes. And early voting starts in a dozen states this week.

Archive: September 4, 2020

The budget gap between Kentucky's wealthiest and poorest school districts jumped by $122 per student in 2019, compared to the previous year. (Adobe Stock)

GREENSBURG, Ky. -- Kentucky's wealthiest school districts had nearly $3,000 more to spend per student than the state's lower-income districts, according to a new report with data from the 2018-2019 school year. Superintendent of Green County Schools William Hodges said before the pandemic, he had t ...Read More

Experts advise staying away from finger foods like cold cuts, and from

HARTFORD, Conn. - This Labor Day, you can still safely hold the traditional end-of-summer barbecue - but public health experts caution that these types of events must be held outdoors, with enough space for everyone to stay at least six feet apart. In addition, they say, people need to wear masks ...Read More

Since the pandemic began, Iowa has seen nearly 70,000 positive coronavirus cases. (Adobe Stock)

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa remains one of the nation's hot spots for COVID-19 outbreaks, and in the state's largest county, health officials are urging people to do their part to limit community spread. A recent White House report recommends mask mandates and other prevention measures for Iowa after ...Read More

Minnesota state employees, including those doing contact tracing-related work, are reporting exhaustion after responding to the pandemic for several months. (Adobe Stock)

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Public health officials warn Minnesota could see more novel coronavirus spikes in the coming weeks, if too many residents let their guard down. This comes as many state workers, including those behind the scenes, continue efforts to keep the state safe amid a host of challenges. ...Read More

Oregon Food Bank is supporting a measure that would decriminalize drugs and increase funding for addiction recovery services. (Oregon Food Bank)

PORTLAND, Ore. - September is Hunger Action Month and in Oregon, anti-hunger advocates are volunteering, donating and pledging to "Vote Out Hunger." Susannah Morgan, CEO of the Oregon Food Bank, said hunger is at its highest level in a century because of the economic fallout from COVID-19. And wit ...Read More

School support staff are sometimes not granted the same workplace protections as other educators. (Adobe Stock)

LANSING, Mich. -- As Michigan celebrates the American worker over the Labor Day weekend, some of those who support K-12 learning say their contributions are being taken for granted. There are thousands of paraprofessionals, food-service workers, school nurses and secretaries throughout Michigan, a ...Read More

Matt Hildreth, head of, says some disinformation campaigns online are meant to incite violence. (momius/Adobe Stock)

EMMETT, Idaho - This week, President Donald Trump made a false claim that planes "loaded with thugs" were being sent to towns to take them over. The claim mirrors a viral Facebook post in June from an Idaho man in Emmett, who said left-wing "Antifa" supporters were on a plane to Boise. The Payette ...Read More

A humpback whale feeds in a school of menhaden off the coast of eastern Long Island. (Sutton Lynch/The Nature Conservancy)

NEW YORK -- Environmental groups are hailing what they call a historic change in the management of menhaden fisheries on the Atlantic Coast, saying it holds promise to rebuild threatened species, from striped bass and whales to eagles. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has approved t ...Read More

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