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OH Climate Expert: State Can Take Lead in Global Warming Fight

February 5, 2007

As Congress prepares to debate a federal response to the latest major report on global warming, an Ohio climate expert says the state is poised to take a leadership role.

Ohio State University Earth Science Professor Lonnie Thompson contributed to a report released last Friday, in which 1,200 scientists worldwide reached a consensus on global warming. Thompson believes it is in Ohio's best interests to help fight climate change.

"What happens in distant parts of the world has impacts in Ohio, in our ability to sell our products, grow our crops, and sell those crops, and that's why we need to be concerned here in Ohio."

According to the "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" report, global warming is not only real, but human factors, most notably emissions from fossil fuels, are causing and/or exacerbating it. Thompson says Ohio can do its part by cutting back on the use of coal, oil and other fossil fuels, and by seeking cleaner alternatives.

"Ohio has tremendous potential in the areas of new technologies and new industries related to alternative energy, such as sun and wind power, and fuel cells."

The report can be found online at

Rob Ferrett/Jamie Folsom, Public News Service - OH