PNS Daily News - December 11, 2019 

U.S. House to vote on two articles of impeachment; $1.4 trillion in planned oil & gas development called a "red level crisis" for climate change; anti-protest laws moving forward in Ohio; "forest farming" moving forward in Appalachia; and someone is putting cowboy hats on pigeons in Nevada.

2020Talks - December 10, 2019 

Today's human rights day, and candidates this cycle talk a lot about what constitutes a human right. Some say gun violence and access to reproductive health care and abortions are human rights issues.

Plans for Yet More Pinedale Anticline Drilling - Some Locals Find it Chilling

February 19, 2007

If some is good, then more is better? That seems to be the Bureau of Land Management philosophy when it comes to gas well drilling in the Pinedale Anticline project. The agency plans to add more than 4,000 wells, nine times as many as there are now. Bob McCarty is a former B.L.M. biologist who oversaw the area, and he's surprised there are plans to lock up more public land for use by the oil and gas industry.

"What the B.L.M. is doing makes no sense to me at all, because they're closing it to the general public, but allowing the oil and gas people out there."

McCarty says industry-sponsored studies have shown current drilling already has damaged sage grouse, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope populations, and the new drilling plans don't include specifics about how to protect wildlife areas.

The Bureau says development will be limited to "core areas," and is accepting public comment on its proposal. McCarty says the comments to date continue to indicate public concern about air quality, quality of life, and wildlife. He is skeptical that they're being heard.

"Twenty years ago we did a lot of drilling, too, but wildlife had a say, and so did recreation. These days, those values seem to be basically ignored."

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Deborah Smith/Craig Eicher, Public News Service - WY