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The Trump administration pulls the U.S. out of the U.N. Human Rights Council. Also on the Wednesday rundown: state AG's push back on the Trump border policy; and we look at the link between zine and fertility.

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What Would You Do with a Trillion Dollars? Suggestions from Miami Students

April 12, 2012

MIAMI - The thought of $1 trillion is hard for most people to fathom, but a group of students from Miami's Edison Senior High School has attempted to put it into perspective.

The students produced a short film called, "If I Had a Trillion Dollars," which was chosen to be featured at a film festival of the same name to be held Saturday through Monday in Washington, D.C.

Senior Ashton Perry helped produce the entry for the school's art club.

"You can't really picture. It's so much money and just to know it's just being spent every day on the war, it's just crazy to me."

Perry's film featured student ideas on what they'd do with the money, which included funding education programs and eliminating child prostitution.

The annual competition, sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee and the National Priorities Project, aims to shed light on the amount of money spent on wars and tax breaks for the wealthy.

Grasping the large amount of money spent on the U.S. military has given her and her classmates plenty to consider, Perry says. She's interested in doing more filmmaking as a result of the competition, and hopes their points resonate with viewers.

"I wish they would consider spending it on children's education, 'cause the children are the future - they're the future of America."

Perry and her classmates held a variety of fundraisers to pay for their trip to the nation's capital, and received complimentary airline tickets from JetBlue.

Perry's film is online at All entries in the contest are at

Stephanie Carroll Carson, Public News Service - FL