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Ohio Internships a "Win-Win" for all Involved

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August 2, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio - With a bleak job market, many college students are pondering their best move heading toward graduation. A great way to boost skills and a resume is through an internship offered by a variety of employers in Ohio.

Public Children's Services Association of Ohio has helped many young adults gain valuable work experience. A former intern there, Sarah Levels, now works as a supervisor for Franklin County Children's Services and says internships help students decide the best path to take.

"You can really immerse yourself into what you feel that you're passionate about it. Find out if that's really the track that you want to take, if that's your passion, and you can find out more about that."

Crystal Ward Allen, PCASO's executive director, says the program has created a fantastic learning environment for everyone involved.

"It's a very win-win situation where they get to work on something they love and we're getting the benefit of their fresh and creative talents for that topic."

She says employers without an internship program should consider how it could benefit them, as well as helping better the future generation of workers. Allen started as an intern at PCSAO in 1990 - and, as she says, never left.

Alex Bishara also interned at PCSAO and now works as program director for Abraxas Counseling Center. He says the experience not only helped him to be a better supervisor, but also helped him build business relationships.

"It's an unbelievable opportunity to connect with all the players in the field. It certainly helped me to make those connections and meet some of those directors that I then worked with."

Allen says student interns are great for an organization because they can provide fresh, meaningful insight.

"They can approach the same problem with a similar solution, but with a different perspective. I just find it extremely inspiring and refreshing."

PCASO hosts a wide variety of interns, many of whom eventually move on to jobs in the human-services and public-policy fields.

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH