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ND Pride Day to Showcase Dozens of Local Businesses

The North Dakota State Capitol is showcasing dozens of local businesses for Pride of Dakota Day. (iStockphoto)
The North Dakota State Capitol is showcasing dozens of local businesses for Pride of Dakota Day. (iStockphoto)
March 23, 2016

BISMARCK, N.D. - For much of the year the North Dakota State Capitol acts as the hub of government activity, but today it's playing host to one of the biggest gatherings of local companies.

This year marks the 31st anniversary of the state's Pride of Dakota program.

To celebrate, about 50 North Dakota companies are setting up shop in Bismarck to not only sell their locally-made products, but also to learn about new businesses and meet new customers.

Kelly Wald, spokeswoman with the state's Department of Agriculture, says one the ideas behind the event is to help these companies forge new relationships.

"It's a networking opportunity for them to get in touch with other business owners and kind of bounce some ideas of off them," says Wald. "And also they might form partnerships where they maybe launch a new product line together."

Food companies, jewelry and furniture makers, artists and publishers all will be on hand at the Capitol's Memorial and Legislative Halls.

With dozens of companies participating, Wald says it's also a good time for customers to meet the people who make the products they buy.

Additionally, she argues buying from local companies will help the North Dakota economy.

"We really encourage people in North Dakota to support other North Dakotans in their ventures," Wald says. "If you can purchase something from a local North Dakotan, why not help support the economy and keep the money in state versus purchasing it from a bigger retail outlet?"

The Department of Agriculture is hosting the event at the State Capitol. So far, more than 500 companies have signed up as Pride of Dakota members.

Brandon Campbell, Public News Service - ND