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PNS Daily Newscast - August 16, 2019. 

Charter-school reforms are in the works; and green-card applicants face hurdles with new federal changes. (Broadcaster Note: Our 6-min. newscast now has an optional outcue at 3 minutes, "This is PNS.")

Daily Newscasts

Nominate Your Community Hero for an AARP Andrus Award

Gini Cunningham of Winnemucca is the 2015 Andrus Award winner.
Gini Cunningham of Winnemucca is the 2015 Andrus Award winner.
June 6, 2016

LAS VEGAS – If you know someone over 50 who really makes a difference in your community, now's the time to nominate him or her for AARP's most prestigious honor – the Andrus Award.

The award is named after Ethel Percy Andrus, who founded the organization in 1958.

Mary Liveratti, AARP state president for Nevada, says the organization casts a wide net when considering nominees.

"They do not have to be AARP members, they do not have to be AARP volunteers,” she explains. “We try to encourage people that have not put nominations in before."

You can nominate an individual or a couple. The deadline to apply is July 1. You can get more information online at aarp.org/nv.

Last year's winner, Gini Cunningham of Winnemucca, was a caregiver for her mother and sister who both had dementia. She does extensive work with the Alzheimer's Association.

Liveratti says Cunningham also volunteers on a task force on Alzheimer's at the state capital.

"She would drive in from Winnemucca to Carson City to attend those meetings,” Liveratti relates. “You know, she's just an example of the outstanding things that are being done out there in our communities."

The winner will be announced in the fall and will be honored at two awards ceremonies, one in Las Vegas and another in Reno.

Suzanne Potter, Public News Service - NV