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High School Students Win Prize for Global Warming Debate

June 2, 2008

New York, NY - Some talented high school kids are getting a free trip to the Big Apple, the grand prize in a debate competition on global warming. Eighteen year-old Will Beshears is a member of the winning team from Beaumont, Texas. He says their argument was about how to best reduce carbon emissions, a topic the U.S. Senate is expected to tackle this week.

"Our position was centered around whether or not we should use government regulations or market mechanisms like a cap and trade system to solve the carbon emissions problem."

Critics contend that a cap and trade system could lead to higher energy prices for consumers and hold back an already-stagnant economy, but Beshears says a government cap and trade system argument won the debate competition.

"The majority of the student body thought that government regulations in the end were the best way to solve carbon emissions and to reduce global warming."

Beshears says the debate squad did a good deal of research in order to convince the judges what would work best. In the process, all members became very familiar with global warming issues.

"I debated this at a national tournament two years ago. I also debated the Kyoto protocol, and a lot of the people on our team knew a lot about the issue to begin with."

The Beaumont students will attend the United Nations Youth Leadership Summit in July.

Tony Gatto/Craig Eicher, Public News Service - NY