PNS Daily Newscast - January 17, 2020 

Govt. Accountability Office rules that Trump administration violated federal law on aid to Ukraine; and racial disparities in health care.

2020Talks - January 17, 2020 

Just a couple weeks out from the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, four Senators are being pulled off the campaign trail for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Owning Your Own Wind Turbine

June 26, 2008

Des Moines, IA – With the high cost of energy these days, Iowa farmers are looking into every possibility for increasing their cash flow. One way to do that may be to own and operate a wind turbine, according to Leigh Adcock with the Iowa Farmers Union.

"With energy costs skyrocketing, all of these topics are very relevant, but this one in particular is relevant for landowners out in the country who are interested in owning a commercial-scale wind turbine and selling energy back to the grid."

Adcock says many farmers don't know they can put up their own wind turbines instead of leasing space for them to a utility.

"You can earn more on a turbine than you can make when you have a lease on your property for a turbine that's owned by a utility company, which is something that a lot of farmers are interested in learning more about."

Adcock says selling carbon credits is perhaps the easiest thing to do, since it involves earning money for conservation practices that many farmers are already doing.

Dick Layman/Don Mathisen, Public News Service - IA