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A Special Contest to Honor Veterans

A group of military veterans and their families attend ceremonies at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Somoderville./Getty Images
A group of military veterans and their families attend ceremonies at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Somoderville./Getty Images
November 10, 2017

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With Veterans Day celebrations set for the coming weekend, there's a unique opportunity to honor the thousands of Arkansans who have served in the military.

You can thank the veterans in your life - but you can also nominate a veteran, their family or a volunteer dedicated to veterans' causes for an AARP contest, "25 Days of Honoring Heroes."

Michael Rowett, associate state director of communications for AARP Arkansas, says military heroes are a big part of Arkansas and deserve the recognition.

"In Arkansas, we have about - according to the most recent statistics - 237,000 veterans, former military," he says. "That's about 8 percent of the population, so we're one of the states with a higher proportion of veterans."

Rowett says to nominate a veteran, family member or volunteer, you can either produce a one-minute video, or send a photo and a brief essay about the nominee. It should describe the person, their service and why you believe they deserve recognition.

Send it to The deadline for entries is November 25. Winners will be announced on December 11.

All submissions will be posted on an online Honor Wall on the contest website. Rowett says veterans can be recognized for their military service - or for what they have done since they came home, including assisting other veterans.

"When we say 'service,' we can mean military service," he adds. "We also could mean service to veterans. The military service would be part of the entry, but there are other ways to serve, certainly."

AARP will choose 25 finalists, to be posted on the contest website for the public to vote on from December 4 through 8. The top three vote-getters among video submissions will receive $1,000 and the top four essay winners will get $750.

Mark Richardson, Public News Service - AR