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Cure for Summer Boredom – Read a Book About America’s Wilderness

June 16, 2009

Jefferson City, MO – Every summer, kids out of school start suffering from the "There's Nothing to Do Syndrome," commonly called boredom. The remedy might just be a good book. Doug Scott, policy director for the Campaign for America's Wilderness, has written a book for the whole family that entices children to explore the wilderness areas of the United States and at the same time learn how to preserve them. Scott says it's called Our Wilderness: America's Common Ground.

"It's a 64-page, soft-cover, full-color book, with lots of photos of wilderness areas; many and in fact most of the photos have people in them doing things."

Scott hopes that once kids see the vistas, read the history and learn the importance of safeguarding wilderness areas, they will want to explore them in person this year and for years to come.

He says Missouri has more than 62,000 of wilderness spread over eight areas in the Show Me State.

"You can really get out, even just for an afternoon, to enjoy a sample of the natural world, and my hope is that people will want to go on and explore more deeply."

Scott, who has been involved in every major national wilderness bill passed in the last four decades, applauded a bi-partisan Congress for preserving more than 700 wilderness areas in the last 45 years. He says those are decisions that will save some of the country's original landscape for generations to come.

Scott's book is available on line at

Heather Claybrook, Public News Service - MO